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Pat Buchanan: I’m Not A Racist Homophobic Bigot – I’m A Victim

by David Badash on October 27, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics

Post image for Pat Buchanan: I’m Not A Racist Homophobic Bigot – I’m A Victim

Pat Buchanan’s new book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?,” has reminded many — at least on the Left — that Pat Buchanan is a racist anti-gay homophobic bigot who has no business being paid by MSNBC as political analyst. None. And now, the Buchanan team has decided that they can make far more money pushing his book as a victimization vehicle than on the basis of its merits alone.

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So now the Buchanan book’s blog has decided to post stories of the Left attacking Buchanan for his 18th century views.

Of the fifteen posts to the “Suicide of a Superpower” blog, Buchanan’s team (I have every confidence that it’s not Pat Buchanan who’s writing his blog,) one-third are all about how Buchanan is a victim — and they’re using it for all it’s worth:

Hate and Bigotry Target Buchanan

TPM’s “Crazy” and “Racist” Smear

Left-Wing Gone Wild declares “Buchanan Has Lost the Culture War”

Media Matters Pumps Up Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower

Comments like, “Suicide of a Superpower has earned the scorn of left-wing groups —generating publicity and boosting sales,” and “Peter Finocchiaro … posted over a half dozen audio excerpts from the audio book version of Suicide of a Superpower, showing an ‘ignorant moment’ of the left-wing: when it comes to books, any publicity is good publicity,” prove the point.

But this post is the most-offensive:

Two-left wing groups, Color of Change, with eight known members, and its co-conspirators at Media Matters—self-endowed Orwellian censors–are attempting to gag and have Patrick J. Buchanan fired as an MSNBC Political Commentator as his new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive Until 2025?, soars in sales.  (The book has been a top nonfiction bestseller at since it debuted last week.) Using charged racist language, gross misinterpretations, out of context quotes, and sugar-coated anti-Catholic sentiments, Media Matters has written 16 vile posts in the past 12 days in an orchestrated campaign of hate and bigotry.

SPLC’s Hatewatch notes:

Pat Buchanan and his extremist allies are up in arms over liberal media watchdog groups’ recently launched campaign to get him fired from his news analyst position at MSNBC.

Following Buchanan’s Saturday appearance on James Edwards’ racist radio program “Political Cesspool,” to promote his new book, Suicide of a Superpower, Color of Change and Media Matters for America initiated a call for MSNBC to terminate Buchanan’s position. (Full disclosure: Color of Change was co-founded by James Rucker, a member of the board at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes this blog.)

Said Color of Change in a letter that doubled as a petition: “For years, Pat Buchanan has passed off white supremacist ideology as legitimate mainstream political commentary. And MSNBC continues to pay him and give him a platform on national TV to do it. Buchanan has just published a book which says that increasing racial diversity is a threat to this country and will mean the ‘End of White America.’This weekend, to promote his book, he went on a white supremacist radio show whose host has said things like ‘MLK’s dream is our nightmare,’ and ‘interracial sex is white genocide.’ Buchanan has the right to express his views, but he’s not entitled to a platform that lets him broadcast bigotry and hate to millions. If MSNBC wants to be seen as a trusted, mainstream source of news and commentary, it needs to fire Buchanan now.”

Media Matters said much the same: “For too long, your network has ignored Buchanan’s bigotry. But, enough is enough. MSNBC has the power to send a message — that it will not tolerate bigotry by its employees, on its airwaves or off.”

That letter, which also doubles as a petition, closed by suggesting MSNBC executives review documentation (here and here) detailing Buchanan’s history of bigoted comments, and asking that they “Please … take the necessary steps to ensure that MSNBC stops supporting Buchanan’s bigotry.”

Some on the extreme right are incensed by the watchdogs’ campaign.

Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation (one of the Tea Party movement’s most extreme factions) – has leaped to Buchanan’s defense. In a blog post yesterday, Phillips – who claims not to be a Buchanan fan – wrote: “The racist in this story is the group, the Color of Change. … MSNBC does have some conservative voices. Pat Buchanan is one of them. … [T]he left wing racist nuts at the Color of Change want that to end.” And the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist hate group that has called blacks a “retrograde species of humanity,” also expressed strong support for Buchanan and Edwards.

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jerryball37 June 19, 2013 at 7:30 pm

This old dried up 'nads pundit is about thirteen years too late for this book. It all started when the Supreme Court "announted" George Bush as the Emperor with no clothes, or not enough votes either.

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