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Pastor Harris To Signorile: My Words Were ‘Chopped’ And Taken Out Of Context

by David Badash on May 2, 2012

in News

Post image for Pastor Harris To Signorile: My Words Were ‘Chopped’ And Taken Out Of Context

Michelangelo Signorile this afternoon interviewed North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris about the Pastor’s anti-gay comments and his advocacy on Sunday of beating children as young as four-years old to stop them from being homosexual. Harris, on Signorile’s Sirius XM OutQ radio show, apologized for his “poor choice of words” advocating child abuse and physical attacks, but stridently claimed his comments were taken out of context, “chopped and then posted in the blogosphere,” but stood by his beliefs that homosexuality is an abomination and a sin. “The word of God does not condone such behavior.”

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“Jesus conjures up violent images as well,” Harris told Signorile, as an excuse for what he classified as “hyperbole” in the “images” he discussed. Those “images” as The New Civil Rights Movement has repeatedly reported, included:

Give them a good punch,” and “crack that wrist,” Harris told parents if their four-year old boy, for example, “starts acting a little ‘girlish’.” Pastor Harris added that parents should tell their four-year olds to “man up, son, get that dress off you get outside and dig a ditch because that’s what boys do.”

“I said something stupid,” Harris told Signorile, and politely apologized, but claimed his “congregation understood the manner” in which he was speaking and was certain no one in the audience misunderstood his violent rhetoric to be “special dispensation,” even though he told them it indeed was.

Harris also disavowed any responsibility he might have for those who don’t understand his years of ministering and hear his words and commit anti-gay hate crimes. Harris believes he wasn’t inciting violence or giving people permission to physically attack people who might be gay, even though he, a pastor, did. “No, they need to hear the entire message.”

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Harris told Signorile that “a father should teach a child that God gave them the gender that they have and they should strive to model for their child the difference between genders.”

Signorile, a veteran journalist, pushed Harris on the issue of homosexuality and proper parenting. Harris insisted parent “should not permit that behavior,” of boys seemingly expressing effeminacy or girls seemingly expressing non-traditional gender behaviors.

If a young boy expresses effeminate behaviors, parents should “take steps to eliminate the dresses for example,” Harris said.

But things became more challenging when Signorile challenged Pastor Harris on the Bible, asking him why he doesn’t believe putting homosexuals to death, as the Bible advocates.

“That particular passage is directly oriented toward the nation of Israel 4000 years ago,” Harris replied. But homosexuality is still not acceptable Harris insisted. “The sin remains and the person is in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ” to cure them of being gay, he said.

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Signorile asked Harris why he was elevating the “sin” of homosexuality over other sins, to which Harris strenuously denied. “Absolutely not” Harris stated when Signorile asked if he could “tempt” Harris to become gay. “You certainly could not make me gay,” he insisted, and insisted that homosexuality is a choice  – for some.

Harris said he believes that everyone is tempted into sin. Which sins are dependent upon the individual. Which, is convenient when you’re peddling the false concept that homosexuality is sin and a choice, and kids should be punished for seeming to be gay.

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Scott_Rose May 2, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Don't miss Frank Schaeffer's article about Religion and Child Abuse

Scott_Rose May 2, 2012 at 4:10 pm

An official at the North Carolina child welfare services office told me that she learned about Sean Harris's hateful sermon from somebody who walked out on it.

Mykelbarber May 2, 2012 at 4:22 pm

This kind of bigotry and hatred goes on in churches, synogogues, temples, and other places of "worship" across the US on a daily basis. We need to beat it back from the streets into the gutter where these people were spawn.

Buffy May 3, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Taken out of context? Is there a context in which those words would be appropriate?

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