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Papal Advisor’s Priest Charged With Pedophilia Says “I Am HIV Positive”

by David Badash on May 26, 2011

in News

Even more shocking than the news just reported that a priest in the archdiocese of a top advisor to the Pope on the Vatican’s pedophilia scandal was arrested on pedophilia and drug charges is the news now that the priest is HIV positive and knowingly had unprotected sex, and may have had orgies with a minor.

Father Riccardo Seppia, a 51-​year-​old parish priest, lived a “life of sexual obsession, drug delirium,” according to a translation of Italian news site La Reppublica. “Unprotected sex? “Yes, but …” admits Don Sepia. If during the investigation, in the hands of policemen led by captain Paul Belgians, were to emerge the transmission of HIV to some partners, the file would add the crime of injury and attempted murder.”

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Seppia “is under investigation for sale of drugs, forced prostitution and child sexual abuse against children. The prosecutor Stefano Puppo’s contest three episodes: the sexual abuse of an altar boy 15 years, the sale of cocaine to a seventeen year old Slavonic in exchange for sexual intercourse at three, including a minor.”

“The pastor would let go a menage a trois between the former seminarian Emanuele Alfano and an Egyptian. That at the time (last October) was a minor, has made just 18.”

“His friend-lover Alfano, 24, and to those who would bring the “prey”, Don asked Richard “tender children … because I do not like people to have more than 14 years”?”

Seppia denies the charges of pedophilia, saying, “It was just a game, erotic fantasies never materialized. Only bragging that excite me.”

Note that these are translations via Google, but appear to be accurate.

Also note that there is no record of the Priest’s medical condition, or if his alleged actions in any way could have caused physical harm due to his HIV status, and there are no reports that those he is alleged to have had sexual activity with tested positive for HIV.

John Aravosis of Americablog, from whom we learned of the priest’s HIV news, adds this:

“The Vatican long ago become little more than a criminal conspiracy to aid and abet pedophilia. How anyone let’s these people even vaguely weigh in on gay rights legislation, without arriving with 6 foot billboards screaming “PEDOPHILE!” is beyond me. No Catholic religious leader should ever be permitted to lobby for “family values” education, anywhere, ever again without being greeted by the most embarrassing protests of his life. Yet our groups do nothing to take these people down. No politician would invite a Catholic leader to a hearing, a press conference, or anywhere else if they knew those kind of protests were going to greet them. Hell, I’d arrive with someone who was abused by a Catholic priest as a child. Shame these perverts back into their shell for the next 1,000 years.”

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