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On Our Radar – Clark Aposhian Plays With His ‘Big Boy Toy’

by Jean Ann Esselink on June 2, 2013

in Guns,Jean Ann Esselink,News,War on Women

Post image for On Our Radar – Clark Aposhian Plays With His ‘Big Boy Toy’

The face of Utah’s gun lobby was arrested for domestic abuse this week. His lawyer said in his defense, that he was just having fun with his big boy toy. Today, Clark Aposhian and “big boy toys” are On Our Radar.

UPDATE: Even though the Brady Act says someone convicted of domestic abuse cannot possess a firearm, according to, a Utah judge has ruled Clark Aposhian must stay 150 feet away from his ex-wife Natalie Meyer and her new husband, Ronald Meyer, but does not have to give up his huge weapons cache. In his decision the judge wrote:

“The fact that (Aposhian) carries a firearm does not lead this court to believe that he will inevitably use the firearm on (Ronald Meyer) or that such an end is logically unavoidable,”

I’m sure Ron and Natalie will sleep more soundly tonight.

firearm presented to gov herbert with rep kurt odaI considered a number of ways to tell you this story. The most obvious would have been a deconstruction of the man who claimed his fifteen minutes of fame as the “Face of Utah’s Gun Lobby” after the massacre at Sandy Hook. Clark Aposhian, whose car sports a bumper sticker that reads “I AM THE GUN LOBBY,” has the ear of his state legislators. Just two weeks ago, a candidate for GOP Party Chair went trolling for votes on his weekly Guns I’ve Loved radio show, and that’s State Senator Kurt Oda with him in the photo on the right, as Aposhian presents a gun to Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

After Sandy Hook, Aposhian advocated loosening Utah’s gun laws and arming teachers. His “Concealed Weapons Training” class drew 200 worried Utah educators last December when he offered to waive the $54 fee for teachers. Wayne LaPierre would have proudly called him “a good man with a gun.” Maybe he still does. I would be fascinated to know.

I could have told you this story in LaPierre terms too; a good man with a gun, is just a bad man with a gun hoping the wind doesn’t change. The Army psychiatrist who shot up Fort Hood was considered, a “good man with a gun” right up until the moment he pulled the trigger on his fellow soldiers. Chris Dorner, the former cop and Navy Reserve officer who went on a killing spree in California last February, was once considered a very “good man with a gun.” The inescapable reality is that men, and women too, are by nature fallible beings. Every person who safely owns a gun does so at the whim of fate.

65663_10200619256258278_143184743_nI would suggest the operable word in Wayne LaPierre’s catch phrase is not “good,” it’s “man” – well-intentioned, but predictably imperfect man. Every good man who owns a gun is one mental illness, one temper tantrum, one fender bender, one too many drinks, one job loss, one divorce, one cheating spouse, one mistaken identity, one robbery, one curious toddler, one angry teenager, one lapse of judgement, one forgetful moment, one mistake, or one tragic accident away from being a good man whose life (and usually someone else’s too) was ruined by a gun. Even Clark Aposhian, who serves as Chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council; the man who teaches gun safety classes, and advises legislators on gun policy, was subject to such an unforeseen event. This “good man with a gun” had his AR-15 assault rifle and a night scope stolen from his station wagon last March. He went to bed and forgot it was in his car. If that gun turns up in a way none of us want to think about, is Clark Aposhian still a “good man with a gun?”

But it isn’t really Clark Aposhian’s relationship with guns I want to talk about either. What has me crazy is what his most recent behavior reveals about how easily intimidation against a woman is shrugged off as insignificant. I want to talk about yet another battle in the War on Women.

1Clark Aposhian was arrested this week for domestic violence. He was also charged with trespassing and harassment, for allegedly driving his two-and-a-half-ton military style truck (shown at right on a happier occasion) onto his ex-wife’s lawn, air horn blaring for attention. The arrest report says Aposhian allegedly bellowed at his ex-wife that he would go wherever he wants. He would run over her cars. He would bury her new husband.

While the officers were taking her statement, Clark Aposhian returned for a second bite at the apple, and was arrested at the scene. He was armed, of course, and the officers confiscated his gun. One down, and who knows how many more to follow, because if he is convicted, Aposhian will lose his entire arsenal, and be put on the no-buy gun list. I would imagine that feels like a fate worse than death for someone whose job, whose social life, and whose self-esteem are so heavily dependent on firearms. But I suspect it would be met with a huge sigh of relief from his ex-wife and her husband.

396021_4144179717234_2086886976_n (1)However, as I told you, it wasn’t Clark Aposhian’s anger management issues that struck me as column-worthy. It was the way his ex-wife was treated in the aftermath of his attack – the same dismissive way millions of female victims are treated every day. The lawyer for Clark Aposhian, in defending his client, admitted Clark took his M-35 army surplus truck with “Zombie Apocalypse” painted on the side, and trashed his ex-wife’s lawn. He then dismissed the incident as insignificant! He completely ignored the existence of a victim, as if she didn’t exist. He DEFENDED his client by flippantly describing the episode as Aposhian “just having fun in his big boy toy.”

I interpret his lawyer’s purposely casual attitude to mean he has every expectation that when things cool down, Aposhian will say sorry, and pay to have the lawn resodded. Then it will all go away. That’s how things work for men who give guns to governors. A manly man like Clark Aposhian may occasionally lose control of himself and go after his ex-wife with a 2-ton truck, but that in no way indicates he might lose control and come after her with an assault rifle. Take the man’s guns away? That’s just crazy talk!

fb3To my mind, when Aposhian’s lawyer went on the record admitting his client went off-roading on his ex’s lawn, he admitted Aposhian is, at this moment in time, a potential threat to her. Aposhian’s “fun” was an assault. It wasn’t fun for his ex-wife or her husband. If the ex-Mrs. Aposhian had taken her rocket launcher and ended his attack, I have no doubt Mr. LaPierre would be singing her praises and calling it justifiable self-defense.

Fortunately, even Utah, where so many powerful Mormon men believe women are made by God to be their personal support system, even Utah doesn’t have domestic violence laws where “having fun” is an affirmative defense.  Aposhian desperately needs to settle this before it lands in front of a jury with women on it. It will be interesting to see if his political connections can pressure the prosecutor into a deal that will save his gun collection, or if the press can raise enough of a ruckus that the politicians stampede toward the exits and leave Aposhian to face “regular people” justice. This is my contribution to that effort. Hit the Like and Share icons and make it shout louder.

Until we have a resolution, Clark Aposhian and his big boy toys, will remain On Our Radar.

Photos via Clark Aposhian’s Facebook page

tncrmJean Ann Esselink is a straight friend to the gay community. Proud and loud Liberal. Closet writer of political fiction. Black sheep agnostic Democrat from a conservative Catholic family. Living in Northern Oakland County Michigan with Puck the Wonder Beagle.

Follow me on Twitter as @Uncucumbered or friend me on Facebook.

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BJLincoln June 2, 2013 at 11:19 am

Scary isn't it. This happens everyday all over the country. If it was a women in the truck on her ex-husbands lawn be sure it would end differently.

barbonine June 2, 2013 at 12:39 pm

"To my mind, when Aposhian’s lawyer went on the record admitting his client went off-roading on his ex’s lawn, he admitted Aposhian is, at this moment in time, a potential threat to her."

Not only that, it's a confession. Yes, he did it. Defendant's side is saying he was just playing. The Plaintiff is saying he was terrorizing her. Property damage, disrupting the peace, threats of personal and property damage. That isn't my idea of fun.

And this man is a stellar example of someone who should not be permitted the joys of gun ownership. Clearly he's out of control. And it's people like him, who KNOW they shouldn't have guns, who are fighting loudest to keep them.

Bonni6 June 4, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Actually in Clark's defense…."anger management issues"?? Hmmm. He could not reverse the truck in the driveway of friends because it is a cul-de-sac with many cars parked on the street. Especially that day, many visitors were there for the holiday. He did not destroy the lawn. He did not touch the lawn. I have spoken to witnesses who were there that day! I also looked at the lawn the next day. No trace of a 2 TON truck!!!! This has to do with an ongoing custody battle. It's interesting to note the cops were called before the call was made to him, in which he was accused of making threats. There are witnesses to the fact that her new hubby was the one making the threats! He called Aposhian to claim he had damaged something and to return to look at it. He quickly returned to the scene, thinking the tires must have marked the driveway, to find cops were waiting for him. This was a total set up! The lawn was not touched! The media is having a hey day. No threats were made on Aposhian's end. He knows protocal very well and stayed very calm. Seems like these accusations are very deliberate and have their very own agenda, that is becoming very clear!!! Interesting the media quoted a child who was not present!

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