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Obama Surges Ahead Of All GOP Presidential Candidates In New Poll

by David Badash on December 20, 2011

in News,Politics,Polling

Post image for Obama Surges Ahead Of All GOP Presidential Candidates In New Poll

A new CNN poll just released this afternoon finds President Obama leading all GOP candidates, often  by double digits. In head-to-head match ups, Obama beats Gingrich by 56% to 40%, Obama beats Bachmann by 57% to 38%, Obama beats Ron Paul, 52% to 45%, Obama beats Rick Perry, 57% to 39%, and Obama beats Romney, 52% to 45%.

The greatest support for Obama came from non-whites, those 18-34, those who attended college, and, of course, Democrats, liberals, and moderates, and even Independents.

The only groups that threw a majority of support against Obama were generally those over the age of 65, Republican, Tea Party, Conservative, and rural voters who had indicated support for the Republican candidate.

The new CNN poll was conducted December 16-18.

The Christian Science Monitor asks, “Did Newt Gingrich peak too early? CNN poll shows him fading,” and cites a different CNN poll “released Monday shows the former House speaker now tied for the lead with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, each with 28 percent in a survey of likely Republican primary voters.Ron Paul is in third with 14 percent, a 5 point rise since CNN’s last poll a month ago.

Mr. Gingrich’s lead in the polls – which was in the double digits for most of this month – has been steadily eroding, according to Real Clear Politicspoll tracking, but the CNN survey is the first major national poll in over a month to show Gingrich not in the lead at all.

The poll comes on the heels of a Public Policy Pollingsurvey showing Gingrich now significantly down inIowa, well behind both Ron Paul (the leader) and Mr. Romney.

And The State Column notes “Ron Paul rising faster than any other candidate, Gingrich slipping.”

In related news, the Washington Times notes:

South Carolina tea party supporters are denying suggestions by aides of Rep. Michele Bachmann that Newt Gingrich is paying off members of the grass-roots movement in exchange for their support, calling the charge bogus.

“Those charges are completely false,” Dianne Belsom, of the Laurens County Tea Party, told The Washington Times. “I’m connected with tea partyers all over the state, and there is no way any tea party person would stoop to that.”

“We are in it to save our country. We are not in it to get paid off,” she said.

Mrs. Bachmann, founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, refused Wednesday to back away from accusations floated by her spokesman, Wesley Donehue, who reportedly said that the only way the former House speaker “can get the tea party vote is to buy it.”

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Ben December 20, 2011 at 5:36 pm

I wonder what the GOP is going to do if they lose the next election. They may still get all the faithful to turn out in record numbers, but if they alienate enough sections of their base, Obama's going to sail in again. Romney scares off the fundie base who still sees him as a cult member, and the other candidates scare off the much-needed moderates.

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