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Obama, Clinton Historic LGBT Doctrine All But Ignored By Almost All MSM

by David Badash on December 7, 2011

in Civil Rights,Discrimination,Media,News,Politics

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In yet another example of how America’s mainstream journalism outlets are failing America, only MSNBC and Fox covered President Barack Obama  and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s one-two punch on international LGBT rights. Fox, only once. MSNBC was the only network on target, covering this major story four times last night.

The President, as you know, yesterday announced that the U.S. would take into account the policies and practices of foreign countries when determining foreign aid. Pounding the point home, Secretary Clinton delivered a rousing 30-minute address on the importance of LGBT rights, acknowledging that “my own country’s record on human rights for gay people is far from perfect,” but also stating that gay rights are human rights.

As Igor Volsky at Think Progress notes, “you would have likely missed this story watching the nightly network news programs, CNN or Fox News, a ThinkProgress analysis of the media coverage finds. While MSNBC devoted four separate segments to the administration’s announcement — with ample coverage from Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell — and Fox News even included the story in Bret Baier’s Special Report, CNN, NBC Nightly News, ABC World News, and the CBS Evening News ignored it entirely.”

Volsky adds, “Fortunately, the news was extensively covered online and in the alternative press.”

Rachel Maddow Tuesday night examined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech from Geneva on LGBT rights, calling it “historic,” and the “first of its kind.”

You can watch Clinton’s historic speech and read the transcript here.

Towleroad very nicely clipped the pertinent segment of Maddow’s report last night, and also reports that “‘Stony Faced’ Arab, African Diplomats ‘Rushed Out of the Room’ After Clinton LGBT Speech.”

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