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NYPD Will Now Arrest Victims Of Domestic Violence If They Have An Unpaid Parking Ticket

by David Badash on March 19, 2013

in Civil Rights,News,Politics

Post image for NYPD Will Now Arrest Victims Of Domestic Violence If They Have An Unpaid Parking Ticket

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) will now arrest you if you call them because your spouse or partner is violently attacking you and you need protection — and you have an unpaid parking ticket, or other infraction that lead to an arrest warrant. An NYPD memo directs police to run the victim’s background and criminal check, and arrest them for any outstanding infraction.

“The memo by Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski requires detectives to look at open warrants, complaint histories and even the driving records of both parties,” an exclusive New York Post article today reports:

“You have no choice but to lock them up” if the victims turn out to have warrants, including for minor offenses like unpaid tickets, a police source said.

“This is going to deter victims of domestic violence . . . They’re going to be scared to come forward.”

A source said that even if detectives wanted to take pity on someone who was battered by a spouse, they would feel pressure to make an arrest to avoid getting in trouble with superiors.

“We have every right to arrest that person at that moment,” the source said.

Reacting to the March 5 memo, another source fumed, “There’s a lack of common sense in this department right now.”

Marilyn Chinitz, a matrimonial lawyer who often represents abused women, said the policy harms those police should be protecting.

“You’re arresting the victim?” Chinitz said. “That is crazy.

“That is very, very frightening. It would absolutely dissuade people. They would not report a crime because they would fear getting locked up.

“It would empower the perpetrator, and there’s going to be more domestic violence as a consequence, and you’re endangering children,” Chinitz said, noting that kids often live in households where one parent is being abused.

Gawker adds:

“Must arrest” or not, by looking into records of abuse victims, the NYPD risks further discouraging reports of abuse at a time when an astonishingly few cases of domestic violence are being reported.

A few years ago Mayor Michael Bloomberg bragged that he was effectively the head of state of NYC and as such was in charge of one of the world’s largest armies.

Make no mistake — the NYPD, from the very top on down, is just that. Their performance throughout the Occupy Movement period proves it. So does this article The New Civil Rights Movement published yesterday:

Targeting Minorities: NYPD And ‘Stop And Frisk’ Go On Trial Today In Federal Court

On a personal note, my daily observations of the NYPD in my NYC neighborhood lead me to believe overall they are an arrogant, out of touch, self-serving, lazy, power-hungry, and “above the law” reckless organization that needs immediate and severe changes.

Image by Abu badali via Wikipedia

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