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NY Senator: “Today We Start The War!” Against Same-Sex Married Couples

by David Badash on July 25, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for NY Senator: “Today We Start The War!” Against Same-Sex Married Couples

NY State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz, who threatened judges who performed same-sex marriages on Sunday in New York, also literally declared war on same-sex married couples in his state, and threatened to have their marriages annulled. Hundreds of same-sex marriages were performed in New York State Sunday, the first day the new marriage equality law went into effect.

“We’re going to show them next week that everything they did today was illegal,” Diaz (image, left,) said, speaking in Spanish, reports ABC News, while at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) anti-gay hate rally in front of the Governor’s NYC office Sunday. “Today we start the battle! Today we start the war!”

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New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz is known for his strong anti-gay hatred, and his merging of his role as an ordained minister into his elected office, in violation of the constitutional concept of separation of church and state, a concept to which Diaz has said he does not subscribe.

Diaz recently has been attacking NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, going after him for opening marriage bureaus on Sunday, the day the new same-sex marriage equality law went into effect, and for what Diaz claims is the Mayor’s attempt to buy the votes of Republican Senators who voted for Governor Cuomo’s marriage equality bill last month.

Of his anti-gay, anti-equality vote, Diaz says, “I wear my vote as a badge of honor.”

New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz has been working closely with NOM, is in direct contact with Brian Brown, their President, according to one eyewitness report, and recorded a Spanish-language advertisement for NOM’s assault on the same-sex marriage debate in New York.

Two years ago, upon the installation of Timothy Dolan as the new New York Archbishop, Diaz claimed then-Governor David Paterson was “being disrespectful to the new Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan and to every Catholic in New York City,” by calling for a marriage equality law.


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Pat July 25, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Get the marriages annulled? Well, good luck with that, Senator Diaz. I think you'd better focus more on how you're going to keep your seat because there are a lot of people buying the crayons to color you GONE!

Scott_Rose July 25, 2011 at 1:58 pm

In view of the recent right wing Christian terror attacks in Norway, it is particularly chilling to hear an extremist right wing Christian in the United States calling for war against some of his fellow citizens.

DeGuyz in Mississippi July 30, 2011 at 6:11 pm

Here’s a memo for the NY Senator Diaz. Marriage equality on the federal level is not too far off. The violations have already occurred and federal witnesses will testify as to what they know to be fact against a Mississippi resident whose name was removed from a federal disaster application for assistance. Read it and weep is all I can say for all members of Congress and all 50 states. The resident was a former New Orleans native and an 18 + year resident of Mississippi. Be advised, the federal government messed up big time, ( because of a community problem that managed to entangle almost every entity under a disaster proclamation. Not a good day for the government but it will be an excellent day for LGBT across this country. Watch for breaking news as the case opens.

SAGACIOUS_SAM July 31, 2011 at 5:39 am

So yes Senator Ruben, as a leader and a man of influence, does need to be more careful about the way he phrases things in his pep talks.

David Badash July 28, 2011 at 11:54 pm

Bull. If a Senator didn't want to vote for it — and 29 did not — they could have voted no.
This Is OFFENSIVE. Declaring war on a portion of your own constituents? Days after the Oslo massacre?
Have you no shame?

SAGACIOUS_SAM July 31, 2011 at 4:41 am

I absolutely don't believe in deadly force as a recourse to any of the major or minor dilemmas provided by life. Sorry if anything I wrote gave that kind of impression. I and Rev. Diaz believe the the ballot is mightier than than the bullet .

That being said, there is a bigger acknowledgement I have to make. When I read Sen. Diaz's statement i didn't think anything futher of it because i knew the references to war and battes were metaphorical i.e. war of laws, battle of persuasion. I know and you know and the good reverand knows that we are speaking of metaphors. BUT there may be some gullible/disturbed people out there who do not know this. If they decide to take some action based on some non-metaphorical belief about war ,then criste eleison. I mean, I see your point about this although i an still on Rev Diaz side of the religion/political side of the divide.

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