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NY Senator Claims NYC Mayor Bloomberg Bought Same-Sex Marriage Votes

by David Badash on July 15, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for NY Senator Claims NYC Mayor Bloomberg Bought Same-Sex Marriage Votes

New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz, the only Democrat to vote against Governor Cuomo’s same-sex marriage bill passed and signed into law last month, claims that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg bought the votes of the four Republican Senators who voted for the marriage equality bill.

“It appears that State Senators Stephen Saland, Mark Grisanti, James Alesi and Roy McDonald sold their votes to the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg for $10,300 each,” Diaz writes today, adding, on his official New York State government website, “If this is not a quid pro quo, please tell me what this is?”

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In fact, Mayor Bloomberg spent a great deal of time and money (reportedly $100,000) working hard to get marriage equality passed in the state of New York, because it was the right thing to do. Bloomberg will be officiating at the wedding of his chief policy adviser, John Feinblatt, and the city’s commissioner of consumer affairs, Jonathan Mintz. (Bloomberg last year donated millions of dollars to charity, too. Does Senator Diaz have an issue with how the Red Cross is spending its receipts?)

“The mayor, a Democrat turned Republican turned independent, has long been a significant financial contributor to the state Senate Republican conference, which in June became the first GOP-controlled legislative body to pass a marriage equality bill,” The Advocate reported today. “Two years ago, when the marriage equality bill failed in the Senate, then controlled by Democrats, no Republican voted for the measure. That led some activists to question the influence of the mayor, who this year delivered a high-profile speech on marriage equality and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign to pass the bill.”

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Diaz apparently is taking his cue from his partners in anti-gay crime, hate groups like the Family Research Council, and its president, Tony Perkins, who last month claimed, as Equality Matters reported, that “taxpayer funded” incentives were used to “sway votes” in New York, and NOM president Brian Brown, who claimed that a “number of pro-gay marriage Republicans, including Ken Mehlman, and others that raised a significant amount of money – over about $2.5 million. And the way Albany works – there’s a lot of corruption there – and basically these Republicans sold their vote to the highest bidder.”

Does New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz also take issue with the National Organization for Marriage — his new BFF — for its pledge to financially support Senators who voted against marriage equality?

As Equality Matters in the same report stated, “In fact, NOM’s campaign in New York relied heavily on using the prospect of campaign funding (and the risk of losing that funding if a legislator decided to support marriage equality) to sway on-the-fence politicians.

“And in case anyone is counting, NOM did the exact same thing in Maryland earlier this year, again pledging $1 million and even referencing (ironically enough) New York Senator Ruben Diaz as an example that anti-gay legislators will have access to the organization’s deep pockets of campaign support:

“We want to be sure those courageous Democrats who cast their vote of conscience in favor of marriage will have a strong supporter if the radical gay activists  come after them in their next primary election.”

The NOM PAC Maryland is similar to a PAC formed in New York by NOM, which successfully defended Democrats who supported marriage, despite a major effort by pro-gay marriage advocates to defeat several Democrats in their primaries who had stood up for marriage. In fact, NOM supported candidates like state senator Ruben Diaz, won by larger margins than before their votes against same-sex marriage.

But New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz ought to be careful to not throw stones in his own glass house. One might very well ask questions of his questionable campaign recording, including the fact that Diaz’s campaign finance disclosure report has not been filed and is six months overdue.

Or perhaps Diaz’s constituents would like to know where the $9500 he accepted from “Friends of Carl Kruger” — a fellow New York State Senator who is under federal indictment in a million-dollar bribery scandal — really came from, and if that money is involved in the bribery scandal.

Perhaps Senator Diaz’s constituents would also like to know about the $3000 he accepted from “Soundview Management Enterprises,” former Senator Pedro Espada’s company from which Senator Espada is charged in a federal indictment with “siphoning more than half a million dollars in federal money … and spending it on meals, theater tickets and a lavish birthday party, among other expenses.”

Of former NY State Senator Eric Scheiderman, now NY Attorney General, Diaz strangely writes, “I remember the way he viciously went after Hiram Monserrate and I see the way he now uses his office of Attorney General to investigate inconsequential things and go after community organizations and not investigating apparent violations like people buying and selling votes.”

Perhaps Diaz’s constituents would like to know if their Senator’s promise to officiate at former New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate’s wedding (Monserrate, the man convicted of slashing his girlfriend on her face with a broken glass, and subsequently kicked out of the Senate,) had anything to do with the $5000 he accepted from “Monserrate 2010?”

Ah, yes, New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz, the company you keep is rather important. Your close and continued relationship with people under federal indictment says a lot about who you are, and your morals.

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Scott_Rose July 15, 2011 at 8:35 am

Supporters of equality only have to expend money and energy on eliminating sexual orientation apartheid because of gay-bashing politicians like Ruben Diaz, at whose NOM-sponsored anti-gay hate rally in May, a preacher yelled through a megaphone at a crowd of gay-bashers that God says that homosexuals are "worthy to death."

Scott_Rose July 15, 2011 at 8:35 am

Last fall in the Bronx, there was a sequestration and torturing of gay people, widely reported. Diaz said not one word – nor did he announce any plans for making the Bronx safer for LGBTers. It is chilling that after not condemning that attack, Diaz hosted an anti-gay hate rally with an incitement to murder of gay people. And, if you want truly to know what economic threats and coercion are, in relation to the elimination of sexual orientation apartheid, look at Ruben Diaz's call for a boycott of El Diario after that Spanish-language newspaper ran an editorial in favor of marriage equality. x

Scott_Rose July 15, 2011 at 8:36 am

Still as of the writing of this comment, Diaz's Facebook page features yellow-writing-on-a-red-flag screaming "Boycott El Diario." Then, not only is Diaz attempting to sabatoge that newspaper business in the community he's supposed to represent, he is wasting time on protesting equality, when he could be doing so many other things for the people of his district, organizing employment and/or job training fairs, organizing additional help for homebound elderly, organizing ESL classes and on and on and on but instead, Diaz is coordinating with NOM and attempting to coordinate with Dolan for protests of equality on July 24th. Diaz is so demented a gay-basher that he lets his homo hate take priority over doing things that would help his constituents.

JohnBNYC July 15, 2011 at 10:34 am

Diaz, who no doubt received untold amounts of money from NOM, now whines that a citizen donated money to senators who voted in favor of civil rights. Does same sex marriage benefit Bloomberg? NO Does it benefit any of those senators? NO. When big corporations donate millions to senators in order to secure votes to help line their coffers, where is Diaz complaining? I never see that. The senator who supports "traditional marriage" is, himself, divorced and remarried. So much for the sanctity of marriage in his personal life. Why anyone listens to this hypocrite is beyond me. "Reverend" indeed.

atalanta20 July 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm

So Sen. Diaz is arguing for campaign contribution reform? Lower contribution limits? Spending limits? Stricter, quicker disclosure, perhaps? If so, I agree completely.

Except it sounds a bit like he's arguing that campaign contributions are a problem only when they're made to political opponents. That would, of course, make him a hypocrite of the highest order who should STFU. And who could believe that of a man with such a high respect for the law and the constitution as Sen. Rev. Diaz?

After all, didn't Jesus say something about motes and beams – no doubt a biblical scholar like Sen. Diaz has those fine words at his fingertips.

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