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Number Of Liberal Americans Growing, Number Of Conservatives Dropping, Says Gallup

by David Badash on May 24, 2013

in News,Politics

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The number of Americans who describe themselves and their beliefs as “liberal,” either on social or economic issues is growing significantly and reaching new highs, or meeting earlier ones, based on data from a just-released poll by Gallup, a generally conservative organization. Accordingly, the number of Americans who describe themselves and their beliefs as “conservative,” either on social or economic issues is dropping.

Gallup reports “the trend suggests that ideological attitudes in the country may be shifting. Social liberalism has grown by six points since 2001 and now attracts half of rank-and-file Democrats and Democratic leaners.”

This new survey shows changes in Americans’ ideology: economic conservatism is at a five-year low, while social liberalism has registered its highest support…

Gallup reports finding “the percentage of Americans describing their social views as ‘liberal’ or ‘very liberal’ has achieved a new peak of 30% — in line with Gallup’s recent finding that Americans are more accepting on a number of moral issues. Thirty-five percent of Americans say they are conservative or very conservative on social issues and 32% self-identify as socially moderate.”


The polling organization also notes that among Democrats, the shift is to the left:

While the nation may be a house divided on social issues, self-identified or “leaning” Democrats appear to be moving toward consensus. Half now say their social views are liberal or very liberal; this figure was 35% in 2001 and 37% as recently as 2010. Fewer Democrats say they are socially moderate — down nine percentage points since 2001 — or socially conservative, down six points.

A recent  study not associated with Gallup found that politicians’ generally believe their constituents are far more conservative than they actually are, which might offer some explanation why expanding gun control background checks, which is supported by 91 percent of Americans, failed.

The study, “What Politicians Believe About Their Constituents: Asymmetric Misperceptions and Prospects for Constituency Control,” by David E. Broockman and Christopher Skovron and presented at Vanderbilt University, notes “there is a striking conservative bias in politicians’ perceptions, particularly among conservatives: conservative politicians systematically believe their constituents are more conservative than they actually are by more than 20 percentage points on average, and liberal politicians also typically overestimate their constituents’ conservatism by several percentage points.

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101flyboy May 24, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Country is changing right in front of our eyes. Democrats trending left, everyone else trending to the middle. You have to think the right-wing's extremist views on so many issues is a major reason.

Diogenes_Arktos May 25, 2013 at 12:57 am

The Broockman & Skovron study explains quite nicely what the right-wing is doing to "unskew" the polls. How else – aside from delusion – can one explain how the right-wing keeps claiming the majority of the country supports their positions in the face of legitimate poling?

I do understand why liberals would believe their constituents are more conservative (I assume people I meet are more conservative than I am until proven otherwise) – but I do not understand why a conservative would presume the same.

stephaniefox May 27, 2013 at 11:20 am

As happened during the last election when the right wing was certain that Obama would be defeated, the right continues to believe that their views and tactics are popular and getting more so despite evidence to that this is not so. In the song "The Boxer," Paul Simon said, "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." If the right continues in their denial and if they continue to allow the most extreme to run their party, the future for the GOP is bleak.

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