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Not Their Parents’ GOP: Six Out Of Ten Young Republicans Support Same-Sex Marriage

by David Badash on March 10, 2014

in Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Not Their Parents’ GOP: Six Out Of Ten Young Republicans Support Same-Sex Marriage

The Republican Party isn’t ongoing a civil war only between the far right and the Tea Party factions, it’s undergoing a civil war between young and old conservatives.

A new Pew Poll just released finds that six out of ten (61 percent) young Republicans support the right of same-sex couples to marry. That figure is dramatically higher than that of Republicans aged 30-49, which is 43 percent, or Republicans, overall, which is just 39 percent.

By contrast, overall, 69 percent of Democrats support same-sex marriage, including 77 percent of young Democrats.

“The relative liberalism of young Republicans on issues of homosexuality goes beyond their support for gay marriage,” Pew reports. “Just 18% of Republicans under 30 say ‘more gay and lesbian couples raising children’ is a bad thing for American society, while 26% say it is a good thing (56% either say it doesn’t make a difference or they don’t know). By comparison, majorities or pluralities of older Republicans say this trend is a bad thing for society.”

While the majority of the nation also supports the freedom to marry — polls range from about 54 percent to 56 percent — it’s clear that in a decade, this likely won’t even be a conversation, and those opposed will find themselves ostracized, just like those who oppose interracial marriage do today.

Image: Pew

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