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NOM Is Really Worried College Students Know Gay People

by David Badash on November 26, 2012

in News

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Jennifer Roback Morse, the head of the National Organization For Marriage‘s Ruth Institute, recorded this video message from the Institutes’s “studios” — which, apparently, are someone’s living room with a Ruth Institute towel draped over the side table and a dirty, hideous sofa — warning parents that their children may know gay people in college.


Morse suggests that there are many gay RAs — resident assistants — many, many, many gay RAs. Morse sounds like she’s suggesting all RAs are gay. And they are pressuring students to dress in drag.

Of course, Morse is painting gay people as evil and bad and powerful and pressuring.

The Ruth Institute’s tag line is “making marriage cool.”

And Jennifer Roback Morse is the person NOM has tasked with “making marriage cool.”

Hat tip: Jeremy Hooper


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Coxhere November 26, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Some sure are afraid of social change that is positive and inclusive. Of course, the fearful in the religious right, TeaPot, haven't ever really experienced much that is positive and inclusive. That society is including so many in this newly forming, diverse America, is all new to the TeaPot. They're really going to go ape-sh*t-crazy when Spanish-speaking Hispanics will become the nation's largest ethnic group and the percentage of white, English-speaking people will get smaller and smaller. One of the reasons that Texas is going to go from red to blue is the numbers of Mexican-Americans and their birthing explosion throughout the state. It'll be a wonderful day when the unpatriotic, un-American-Republican-Tea-Pot-Party-white-politicians will no longer be voted into office without anyone running against them. Let true freedom reign!

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