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NOM Ad: Gays Are ‘Behaviors Not People,’ Gay Marriage Like Drug Dealing, Pedophilia

by David Badash on October 15, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for NOM Ad: Gays Are ‘Behaviors Not People,’ Gay Marriage Like Drug Dealing, Pedophilia

This NOM (National Organization For Marriage) branded video ad likens same-sex marriage to drug dealing, incest, and pedophilia, and claims that “natural marriage,” lowers crime, poverty, welfare, and reduces the national deficit. It also, by defining homosexuality as a behavior and not an identity, suggests homosexual people are not people.

NOM’s new ad falsely claims that same-sex marriage offers “no benefits to society as a whole,” gay marriage “merely validates sex partners,” and when marriage equality is legal, “your freedom of speech is gagged,” among other misleading and fallacious — not to mention, plain ugly — statements.

Below are several screenshots taken from the almost five minute video that no doubt many will tear apart on the facts alone. We’ve watermarked them with the statement, “This Is A Lie!” to ensure they are not copied and distributed by anti-equality forces.

But what’s remarkable about this attack is that it is new territory for NOM. First, it uses a voiceover that’s not a typical “American” accent, yet clearly uses American stories and headlines to support its accusations, however false they may be. Expect to see this video rolled out with slightly-alterted headline graphics to be country-specific in the future. I’d look at the UK first, although NOM has a history of rolling out anti-gay attacks in Arab countries.

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Part of NOM’s corporate policy, as most readers know, is to defeat same-sex marriage not only in the United States, but internationally, in addition to using race to divide the Democratic party, and to defeat President Obama.


Earlier this year, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), as The New Civil Rights Movement reported, obtained court documents that revealed a shocking and sickening corporate strategy of using race to divide Americans, creation of false positioning between Christians who do and do not support equality, and identifying “beautiful” people to embody their messaging, (“non-cognitive elites,” NOM calls them,) among other strategies, like “sideswiping Obama,” and painting him as a “social radical.”

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The documents exposed NOM’s philosophy: “Gay marriage is the tip of the spear, the weapon that will brand is being used to marginalize and repress Christianity and the Church. What does the gay marriage idea mean once government adopts it? It means faith communities that promote traditional families should be treated in law and culture like racists.”

The documents, from 2008-2009, also reveal NOM’s budget, between tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, and their ultimate goal: to kill same-sex marriage worldwide.

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You, writing for HRC’s “NOM Exposed” blog, calls this video, which he was the first to uncover, “one of the most callous things I’ve ever seen NOM endorse.”

Callous is an understatement.



New NOM Poll: ‘Should Obama Force Homosexual Marriage On Everyone?’

Archbishop: Mom Of Gay Son May Go To Hell If She Doesn’t Embrace Church Anti-Gay Teachings

Obama Secretly Told Washington Governor In February: ‘We Will Ensure Equality’

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ivegoneswimming October 15, 2012 at 2:56 pm

this is so ripe for a reply video in exactly the same style.

(but just to refute this fabulously subtle evil – it's also ripe for parody)

david0296 October 15, 2012 at 3:25 pm

They removed the video. Big shocker.

So same-sex marriage doesn't benefit society, huh? I didn't realize that every heterosexual marriage had to benefit everyone else in the country. If they're trying to make a procreation argument, I'd like to know how infertile couples or senior citizens getting married benefits society? …and of course, these bigots will want to ban marriage for those straight couples that don't want children, right? Right? (((crickets)))

Scott_Rose October 15, 2012 at 7:18 pm

NOM officials were involved in getting the Regnerus study funded. Elsevier's journal Social Science Research published a bogus study on "same sex parenting" that was funded by anti-gay-rights groups and only published through a corrupt process, including corrupt peer review. The study is being used nationwide as a weapon against gays and Democrats in the 2012 elections. Please sign and repost this petition, demanding that the publisher retract the study from publication:

frecklescorp October 17, 2012 at 8:41 pm

so disgusting and appalling – humour is our best weapon since they often lack one

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