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NEWS: McCotter McQuits, Fat Vs. Gay, Dump Starbucks, Cain’s Mistress, Boehner’s Bull

by David Badash on July 6, 2012

in Marriage,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for NEWS: McCotter McQuits, Fat Vs. Gay, Dump Starbucks, Cain’s Mistress, Boehner’s Bull

Above is “a comparison of the unemployment rates in the first 42 months of the Reagan and Obama presidencies.”

Republican U.S. Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, who ran one of the strangest campaigns for president, has just resigned from office, effective immediately. Not only did he get nowhere near to the GOP presidential nomination, he was table to get even enough signatures to run for his own Congressional seat. But his statement explaining why he is resigning will go down in history as curious as, well, Thaddeus McCotter. Michigan needs a new Congressman! But what’s especially interesting is what friend of the blog Jeremy Hooper notes: “Odd fact about Thad McCotter as he abruptly resigns: Until Mitt,he was highest all-time earner on NOM spinoff ActRight.”

“Seven months after the whole spectacle went down, Herman Cain has continued his career as a political eccentric — writing books, landing speaking engagements and hosting his own Web TV network. Meanwhile, I have been called a whore, a liar and a home wrecker. No one will employ me,”  says Ginger White, who allegedly had an extramarital affair with Herman Cain. (We’re not doubting that she did, mind you…)

“The first time I openly laughed at a transgender person I was 12 years old. It was February, but I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, so the movie theater in which I was seeing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective had the AC on. The laughter helped me shake off the chill,” writes Cord Jefferson, a senior editor at the newly-re-formed Good Magazine, in, “How I Learned to Hate Transgender People.” (Don’t worry — it ends well.)

“A U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey showed that 74 percent of small businesses contend that [Obamacare] will make job creation at their companies even more difficult,” writes Speaker of the House John Boehner, the man on any given day just two heartbeats away from the presidency or two yards away from a scotch. What Boehner forgot to mention, in this op-ed that appeared in the same conservative publication that yesterday printed Ted Nugent’s almost-treasonous suggestion that the South should have won the Civil War so we wouldn’t have Obamacare, is that those 74 percent of small businesses that contend that Obamacare will make job creation at their companies even more difficult is because he and his Republican cronies have been jamming that idea down their throats for the past three years.

GetEQUAL stands with Brad Pitt — “not with his mother’s hateful rhetoric” – and they want to place an ad in Brad Pitt’s mother’s local newspaper telling her she, well, has hateful rhetoric. Cough up a few bucks if you can.

“If you indulge your body with sex via pornography, affairs, strippers or hookers, and your secrets are exposed, you will not be preaching on Sunday. Sexual sin is not tolerated in our churches. If clergy are caught in these things, they’re disqualified,” writes Craig Gross, pastor and founder of, in a CNN op-ed, motivated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper coming out, that adds:

“What if you indulge your body with food? Well, then you can pastor some of the largest churches on the planet and have the most successful broadcasts on the religious channels and sell a lot of books.”

Pastor Gross tries to say that being fat and being gay are equally sinful, but fails, miserably, at the real issue: there’s nothing wrong — or unhealthy — with being gay.

“Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean both made public revelations about their sexuality in the past week … but Ocean’s could become the much more significant announcement,” writes friend of the blog Rod McCullom at Ebony. “Ocean is a rising star in hip-hop— where perceptions of Black masculinity are dominated by hyper-sexuality, thug swagger and a deep homophobia. Neither hip-hop nor R&B has ever boasted an openly gay or bisexual mainstream male star.” Go read: “GAME CHANGER: Why Frank Ocean’s Coming Out is More Significant than Anderson Cooper’s.”

“Truth Wins Out has harshly criticized a sham study on gay parents by University of Texas researcher Mark Regnerus. We also launched a petition that has gathered more than 3,600 signatures urging University of Texas to investigate Regnerus for academic fraud, since his rhetoric surrounding his study results do not match his data — and his funding came from virulently right wing sources. However, the individual really driving the campaign against this quack study is Scott Rose, who is writing for the New Civil Rights Movement,” writes (birthday boy!) Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, in a very welcome post, “Regnerus Sham Study Under Intense Scrutiny After Scott Rose and Scientists Challenge Bogus Results.” Yes, that’s our Scott Rose, the excellent New Civil Rights Movement writer who almost single-handedly has taken on and taken down any credibility anyone might have given to the flawed Regnerus “study.” We’re very, very proud of Scott. And very grateful to Besen for acknowledging his excellent work.

Conservative commentator George Will doesn’t believe Chief Justice John Roberts will vote for gay marriage, but added that the Supreme Court would side with advocates of marriage equality,” writes Carlos Santoscoy in OnTop. And by “Conservative,” he means, really conservative.

The owner of an Akron restaurant where President Barack Obama stopped for breakfast this morning died, apparently of a heart attack, shortly after meeting him,” a report in the Akron Beacon Journal reports:

“I’m sure this was her highlight,” said Frankie Adkins, Harris’ sister, who lives in Tulsa, Okla., and heard about her sister’s sudden death from family members. “She loved Obama.”

Zack Ford at Think Progress publishes the National Organization For Marriage‘s embarrassing signature numbers for their embarrassing Dump Starbucks campaign.

This: 50 attacks on LGBT rights.

Lastly, just because there’s really no comment we can make:
Drudge Promotes Story From Conspiracy Website Claiming Obama Plans To Murder Conservative Journalists

Image, top, courtesy of Hamilton Place Strategies

Image of Frank Ocean by Sweisscheese via Wikipedia

Image of Thaddeus McCotter at ActRight



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