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Names Revealed: Secret Anti-Gay Cyber War Group Religious Right Members

by David Badash on April 24, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics,Religion

Alvin McEwen has revealed some of the more prominent names of public individuals he says were listed as part of a secret Facebook-based anti-gay group that was created to wage a cyber war against the LGBT community and pro-gay news sites and blogs via social media. Among the members reportedly are a prominent anti-gay state lawmaker, the top leaders from certified anti-gay hate groups, college professors, and even a Fox News pundit.

McEwen, author of the book “Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Exposing the Lies of the Anti-Gay Industry,” and a blog of the same name, Monday in his post “Secret religious right Facebook group plotting cyber attack on gay community,” revealed the existence of the site — including screenshots — he says after a tip by a Facebook fan.

This project is conducted by a secret Facebook group called Truth4Time. According to the creator of the group (whose name shall remain anonymous because he is not a public figure), Truth4Time is supposed to be a library of anti-gay articles, blogs, and other materials for its members to use in their fight against the supposed “gay agenda.” Apparently the group has a large lists of documents which contains anti-gay information (i.e. propaganda) that members are invited to use. The founder says that the group is supposed to be a sort of a “behind the scenes support system for the religious right. He seems to think that he is on some type of divine mission. If that is the case, I seriously doubt that it is God who is dictating his marching orders.

McEwen in his original post alluded to the group’s members:

  • a Fox News pundit,
  • former employees of Concerned Women for America and The Family Research Council,
  • a prominent member of the American Family Association,
  • long term anti-gay activists, including those who testified in front of Congress,
  • prominent members of the so-called “ex-gay” movement,
  • a member of a state legislature,
  • college professors from right-wing universities,
  • activists who have called for laws declaring homosexuality illegal,
  • members of a prominent anti-gay marriage equality group, and
  • various religious right talking heads who us bloggers have had to refute many times in the past.

McEwen is an award-wining and long-time blogger whose work has appeared, well, almost everywhere, including Pam’s House Blend and the Huffington Post.

Monday afternoon McEwen went on the Michelangelo Signorile Sirius XM Radio show (audio below) to discuss the details.

So, who are the famous names that were members of this “secret religious right Facebook group plotting cyber attack on gay community”?

McEwen today writes:

Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern
Peter LaBarbera
Bradlee Dean
Matt Barber
Scott Lively
Jennifer Morse
Maggie Gallagher
Brian Brown
Phyllis Schafly

We’ve written, often extensively, about every one. (Use our search box on the top left to check them out.)

He adds:

These are the people listed as members of this organization. Now how they got involved the group or whether they are fully involved in the group is for them to say. That’s not my problem.

After McEwen’s post on Monday, the group seems to have disappeared from Facebook. But they could have gone private, or moved to a different platform. To be sure, people with this much anti-gay hate in their hearts aren’t going to stop working against us.

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