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McCain On Immigration Reform: Gay Couples Are A ‘Red Flag’ And ‘Not of Paramount Importance’

by David Badash on January 29, 2013

in Immigration,News,Politics

Post image for McCain On Immigration Reform: Gay Couples Are A ‘Red Flag’ And ‘Not of Paramount Importance’

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) this morning called same-sex binational couples a “red flag” for Republicans, and “not of paramount importance” to immigration reform efforts.”

Buzzfeed first reported that gay couples would be included in President Obama’s immigration plan, while the Senate’s plan does not include same-sex couples.


Immigration Reform: Obama Plan Includes Gay Couples, Senate Plan Doesn’t

LGBT Rights Groups Release Joint Statement On Immigration Reform News

Via: Think Progress

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Wiredpup January 30, 2013 at 1:42 am

I'm trying very hard to be nice about Mr. McCain's thoughts and words and the best is, I am sick and tired of having to repeatedly request, beg, argue with homophobic people (note, the term people is being used used loosely) for the exact same rights that they have. And then hear, well you do have the same rights…to marry a woman. And then I gotta tell them that I like outdoor plumbing, at which I laugh at the fact that they just don't get what I mean, but have the glazed over eyes staring back at me. And they say that everyone is equal and can do as they please, yet, I have to beg permission to marry who I want, who is a legally of age and of citizenship status, and is a mentally stable person (same gender of course). But that is just wrong. And I then say. Bt you just said everyone should have the same freedoms as you.. Then I realized what they were saying, I could have all those same rights, as long as I was white, American citizen, who was straight, looking to marry a woman and have 2.5 kids. Well I have three out of five in my favor already. I'm white, an American citizen, I want to get married (to a hot dude) and have 5 kids. But when they hear that I'm gay, they stutter something about me being less than. Less than? Less than what? Less than zero? That movie was pretty good for its time. It just comes down to is they want everyone (like them) to have the same equal rights, and if you're not like them, than you are less than them and don't deserve equal rights. The LGBT are the new minority to kick around and abuse. Just like those deviant kids who wanted to marry out of their race.its stupid for them to say that all men and women (when they throw in women's the give themselves little gold stars on their foreheads for the rest of the day) are all created equal, as long as you're straight, white Christian, gun loving, poor hating, sick and elderly hating liberal/progressive.if that's the case, in your world, you don't really believe all men (and women) are created equal. I mean how long did African Americans have to wait to be chanced from 3/5 human to full human? And what does make me 3/10 of a person in their eyes? It's shameful that these people keep screaming for more freedom yet want only freedom for them and their like minded friends. It's just stupid.

AlohaHawkeye April 9, 2013 at 11:26 pm

Happy to marry any woman needing a path to citizenship… apparently I'm free to marry any woman I want, even if I don't love her… so why not help a girl out… any lesbians out there need a husband to stay in our wonderful wonderful country?

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