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Post image for Maggie Gallagher Touts Another Regnerus-Type Anti-Gay Parenting ‘Study’

Maggie Gallagher Touts Another Regnerus-Type Anti-Gay Parenting ‘Study’

by David Badash on October 5, 2013

in Marriage,News

A new paper by a NOM-linked economics professor claims to find challenges for children raised by same-sex parents. But the data compares apples to oranges, and relies on its author’s prejudices.

Science is supposed to be a-political. Sadly, it seems that — maybe apart from twerking, which both sides hate — there is nothing in the world that isn’t political anymore. Climate change. Evolution. Drinking water.

It’s important to examine all research with a fresh and objective eye, but it’s also important to remember a few important facts.

In America alone there are millions of LGBT people — some married, some living together, some single — who are raising millions of children. They do, by every reasonable account, an excellent job. If you doubt this, think back to the last time you read a story about a parent who locked their child in a washing machine, for example, or took any other heinous action upon their child, and learned that that parent was gay. With very few exceptions, I’ll bet you cannot.

Now, if a university professor were looking for funding for a research project on the parenting skills of black people versus white people, they would be hard pressed to find it — at least, one would hope.

If a university professor were looking for funding for a research project on the parenting skills of left-handed people versus right-handed people, they would be hard pressed to find it.

If a university professor were looking for funding for a research project on the parenting skills of Asian people versus Italian people, they would be hard pressed to find it.

If a university professor were looking for funding for a research project on the parenting skills of blond people versus brunette people, they would be hard pressed to find it.

So why is it that university professors keep insisting on “studying” the parenting abilities of same-sex parents?

That last question, by the way, presumes that the Mark Regnerus study did that — it did not.

LGBT people, like it or not, regardless of any “research” published, are going to continue to form families, marry, and have and raise children. There is no test, no pre-requisite, no diploma that straight people are forced to have before they are “allowed” to become parents. Often, it just “happens.” And then NOM and other anti-gay organizations use heterosexual carelessness as an actual “reason” to prevent gay people from marrying: we don’t accidentally get pregnant.

The studies that claim LGBT people, and same-sex couples, make “bad” parents will soon enough sit among stories like these.

Now we have news, thanks to Maggie Gallagher — the National Organization For Marriage co-founder, former president, and former chairman of the board — right on the heels of trips made by her successor, Brian Brown, who traveled to France and Russia to agitate against same-sex marriage and adoption.

Gallagher on Friday touted another anti-gay study that has been released, and — surprise! — she claims it finds that gay parents just aren’t as good as straight parents.

Gallagher says that the study is published in a peer-reviewed journal. That would be the Review of Economics in the Household, which is all but non-existant — at least online. We also know that the Regnerus study was “peer-reviewed,” and that didn’t turn out so well, for Regnerus, or the journal that published him.

“Using Canadian census data, a very large and therefore representative database, Canadian professor Douglas Allen of Simon Frazier [sic] University finds that children raised by intact, married biological parents do better than children raised by same-sex couples,” Gallagher writes.

Ah, the sin of omission…

Curiously, Gallagher does not mention that the study’s author, Douglas Allen (image), is on the board of NOM’s Ruth Institute, or that he has a rather ugly perception of LGBT people. (Surprise!)

Then there’s this.

“An article written by Professor Douglas W. Allen — who has previously claimed that lesbian relationships are unstable, unhealthy, and promiscuous – repeats a number of classic anti-gay talking points about the legal ramifications of legalizing same-sex marriage,” Equality Matters wrote last year, “including the claim that allowing gay couples to marry will somehow result in more heterosexual divorces.”

Equality Matters quotes Allen:

The negative feedback of same-sex marriage on heterosexual marriage is likely to be enormous. If the institution of marriage is designed to help heterosexual couples remain together and connected to their children in a loving relationship, alterations to this institution to accommodate others necessarily weaken the institution. Heterosexual marriages become less stable and the result is higher divorce rates, as well as the negative social consequences that will follow.

So much for objective science.

Of course, The New Civil Rights Movement has already written in depth about Professor Allen, and, as it turns out, the claims he makes in his “new” study, he had already made earlier!

The New Civil Rights Movement spoke with Allen Friday, via email. He told us, “I don’t take any position on the subject other than the conclusion drawn from earlier studies is premature.”

Sounds remarkably like the Regnerus study already.

In fact, the study, “High school graduation rates among children of same-sex households,” spends a great deal of time making that point entirely, rather than explaining its own methods and results.

We’ll have much more on those results in a future article.

Same-sex marriage has been available in Canada since 2005, and Allen’s study says it uses the 2006 Canadian census, therefore it does not measure children who were raised by intact, married same-sex parents.

So we know already it is comparing apples and oranges.

We also know that the study’s author has weighed in on the Regnerus study, effectively dismissing its shortcomings by suggesting that every study has its flaws, and therefore, sarcastically, why not just toss all studies?

“If the Regnerus study is to be thrown out, then practically everything else in the field has to go with it,” Douglas W. Allen wrote last year in, (no coincidence here,) the National Review — the same publication where Gallagher announced the study today.

In that same NRO op-ed, Allen also wrote, “Regnerus needs to be applauded for what he did and didn’t do,” claiming that Regnerus “simply called into question the claim that there is no difference” in same-sex parents and opposite-sex parents. Sure. He might as well have suggested all Regnerus did was compare dark chocolate to milk chocolate.

What I personally also find appalling and shocking, is that Allen’s unpublished work was submitted in an amicus brief (not by him) to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of Prop 8. We already know the the Regnerus study was created to battle DOMA at SCOTUS — and we’ll leave it at that for now.

Allen‘s CV (PDF), by the way, touts his work, which includes titles as “Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress through School: A Comment on Rosenfeld,” “Child Support Guidelines and Divorce Incentives,” “An Economic Assessment of Same-Sex Marriage” and my personal “favorite,” “Who Should Be Allowed Into the Marriage Franchise?” — which was quoted above.

Allen’s webpage at Simon Fraser University, where he is an economics professor, includes a page of his favorite links. Included among them, Campus Crusade for ChristBlue Letter Bible, Bible Gateway, and “creation science” websites.

Finally, one small peek into the study — which we have read but will need to spend much more time with — exists in this casual footnote on the Regnerus “study.” Allen writes that Regnerus, to “increase his sample size … decided to use a broader definition of same-sex parent.”

Oh, really?…

That “broader definition of same-sex parent” just happened to include any parent who was believed by their adult child to ever have had any type of a sexual relationship with a member of the same-sex.

The New Civil Rights Movement is proud to have successfully led the battle in debunking the fake Regnerus “study,” publishing not only some of the first articles about it, and some of the first articles exposing the financial and social ties behind the “study,” but also more research than any other publication — including dozens upon dozens of original research articles and opinion pieces. The word “Regnerus” appears in over 125 articles here at The New Civil Rights Movement.

We are currently examining this new study, and we will publish our research, regardless of our findings, as soon as it is complete.

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BJLincoln October 5, 2013 at 11:24 am

The problem is they will run to every country that smells anti-gay and take both "studies" as proof. Why can't we be the first ones there? Why do these people believe them when we have a pile of credible work to show?

Huntercgo October 5, 2013 at 3:44 pm

Because policy makers in those countries don't want to hear anything positive about gays — they'll simply ignore any legitimate studies — which are easily available — and go for the propaganda studies.

Alex_Parrish October 5, 2013 at 11:50 am

I'd like to see a study comparing the child-rearing skills of of heathy normal people to those of right-wingnut religio-fascist bigots. Then let's talk about who shouldn't be able to get married.

etseq97 October 5, 2013 at 12:14 pm

The journal has an impact factor of only .708, which probably places it in the lower 2% of all indexed journals. Douglas Allen is a catholic loon who is a NOM flunky…

SeanLiberty13 October 5, 2013 at 1:31 pm

So once again Maggie Gallagher proves that she is parasitic Nazi whore who is following in the footsteps of Hitler and Himmler to advocate kidnapping children from parents she deems "inferior". Their is NOTHING human about that disgusting Nazi whore. She will be punished for her crimes against humanity. One way or another, she will.

Str8Grandmother October 5, 2013 at 1:34 pm

!!!Oh No you di-ent Maggie!!!
L to the O to the L!
Here is the PROOF of the connection between Maggie Gallagher & Douglas Allen & Mark Regnerus. The same guy who funds Maggie at her new home, funds the infamous 3 Economists (Allen is one of the 3), who Regnerus was helping.

Start reading page 32. And If I remember right Helen Alvares is a Fellow at, wait for it, drum roll… the WITHERSPOON Institute.

Str8Grandmother October 5, 2013 at 1:58 pm

The study is ALREADY CRAP as soon as page 4. To quote from the study,

"Currently, the 2006 Canada census has several strengths compared to any other data set. First, it uses information from a country where same-sex couples have enjoyed all taxation and government benefits since 1997, and legal same-sex marriage since 2005"

The Title to the study is, "High school graduation rates among children of same sex households" Legal Marriage didn't start in Canada until 2005, or 8 years ago.

The children raised in a Married Same Sex home, providing their parents got married as soon as the law came into effect in 2005 and either adopted or used fertility assistance to conceive their children like immediately before the year 2005 was out, the children would be at the MOST 8 years old RIGHT NOW.

What is the age of High School Graduation again in Canada? Has it been lowered to age 8?

AND from the study again page 4
"This paper addresses these shortcomings by using the 2006 Canada census to study high school graduation probabilities of children who lived with both gay and lesbian parents in 2006, and to compare them with four other family types: married, common law, single mothers, and single fathers"

Divorced parents? Where are we comparing children with Divorced Gay Parents to children with Divorced Straight parents? Not in this paper, LOL! It is a fact, statistically, the far far far majority of children who have a Lesbian Mother or a Gay Father were conceived in a straight marriage that went south and the children lived through their parents divorce. Do we study that here in this paper? Nope.

etseq97 October 5, 2013 at 2:09 pm

You tell em! Allen has always shaded the truth with his stats – he tried to debunk Michael Rosenfeld with the same tricks…

Scott_Rose October 5, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Given that the latest Canadian census was completed in 2011, one could wonder why the NOMzi Douglas Allen worked with the older 2006 data.

cplantin October 5, 2013 at 6:25 pm

Note from the article: "Acknowledgments Thanks to Sonia Oreffice, Krishna Pendakur, and three journal referees for their
comments. This project was funded by the Social Sciences Research Council of Canada."

I do not know what policies the SSRCC has, but could this mean that curious researchers may request access to Allen's materials through something similar to a FOIA request? It would seem to me that considering the expense of the project, the researchers were looking for some variable with a clear difference in their favor, leaving other co-relationships that did not support their agenda silent.

Str8Grandmother October 5, 2013 at 9:56 pm

29 Many children in Canada who live with a gay or lesbian parent are actually living with a single parent.
About 64 % of children in gay homes have a single father, and about 46 % of children in lesbian homes
have a single mother (see Allen and Lu, ‘‘Marriage and children: differences across sexual orientations,’’(unpublished, 2013). The number of gay and lesbian single parent homes is so small compared to all other single parent homes, however, that it likely causes little bias. In any event, the children analyzed here are a distinct subset of all children raised by a gay or lesbian parent

Some of the results from Table 4 are fascinating. In terms of sample sizes, it is striking how few same-sex couples with children (between ages 17–22) there are. The country estimates for gay families is just 423, and for lesbian families 969 which together make up just over half of 1 % of all couples with children in this age group. There are a higher number of visible minority children for gay households (28 % compared to 13 % for common law couples), and a higher number of disabled children (13 % compared to 6 % for opposite sex married parents). This may imply a high number of adopted children in gay households, but interestingly there are no cases of inter-racial same-sex families within the 20 % sample.30 Both lesbian and gay parents are well educated with well over 19 % of them graduating from high school. Finally, lesbians are much more likely to have moved dwellings, with 60 % having moved within the past 5 years.

The next section estimates the association of family type on high school graduation rates, controlling for individual and family characteristics. One contribution of this paper is to control for parental marital status.31 However, the census, of course, is not a panel or even a retrospective data set. All it records is the current marital status of the parents. Unfortunately, this introduces measurement error into the marital status control for married individuals because the census only identifies if a spouse is currently married, common law, never married, divorced, separated, or widowed. Hence a married spouse may have previously been divorced, but is recorded as married; that is, the married category contains couples who have been divorced. This is not a problem for those currently cohabitating, since they are accurately coded as divorced, separated, never married (single), or widowed. Since the marriage rate is lower for gays and lesbians, this measurement error is likely to bias the opposite-sex family type effect on child school performance downwards.32

26 Because the procedure starts by selecting the children, and then matches the parents of the child to the
file, the problem of having a non-biological parent not report a child in the household who is biologically
related to their spouse is avoided.

Data come from the 2006 Canada census 20 % restricted master file.25 From this file all children living with a parent within the home were selected.26 It is important to note that the census identifies children living with their parents, and not just adults. Hence, children of same sex parents are those who respond affirmative to the question: ‘‘Are you a child of a male (female) same-sex married or common law couple?’’ This implies that the results below address the association of having two same-sex parents with a given sexual orientation, rather than just the association of having two parents of the same-sex. That is, the two parents are not same-sex roommates, friends, or other relatives.27

Restricting the sample to children living with parents allowed a matching of the child files with the parent files. Children over the age of 22 were dropped because of a likely selection bias in children who live at home well into adulthood.28 Although the Census identifies children living with two same-sex parents, it does not identify children living with a gay or lesbian single parent. These families are inadvertently included with the single mothers and fathers.29 Table 2 defines the variables used in the analysis

Str8Grandmother October 5, 2013 at 9:58 pm

Variables for both Mother and father are
Married, divorced, separated, never married, widowed

And then the researcher does the same thing as Regnerus he makes the following Family Types-
Common Law
Gay Parents
Lesbian Parents
Single Mother
Single Father
[I believe there is an error on his Table 2 though because he does not list the variable Family Type of Married, but he uses that family type through out]

Table 3 Estimated population averages for child high school graduation (weighted observations, children
ages 17–22)
And here is how he groups the families ala Regnerus
Opposite Sex Married Parents
Opposit Sex Common Law Parents
Gay Parents
Lesbian Parents
Single Father
Single Mother
*Note above he said that the Single Father/Mother categories have single gay fathers and lesbian mothers included.

I guess nobody wants to compare the Children of MARRIED Gay & Lesbian Parents to the children of MARRIED Heterosexual Parents. Nope for the gays we just throw them into one clump that included co-habituating same sex couples AND married same sex couples. Why didn't Allen do that, separate them out, he separated out the heterosexual parents, but not the gays. BTDT

And keep in mind that for the Gay Fathers and Lesbian Mothers of these children ages 17 – 22 their parents could not get married until they were at the MOST 8 years old.

There is something I have figured out yet, can't put my finger on it, it is this part, There are a higher number of visible minority children for gay households (28 % compared to 13 % for common law couples), and a higher number of disabled children (13 % compared to 6 % for opposite sex married parents)
There is a big discussion on Odds Ratio he lowers the Odds Ratio of the children graduating by 6-9% Points because the Gay and Lesbian Parents have higher education levels. "To put this in another context, the marginal effect on the probability of graduating for children of same sex homes is a reduction of approximately 6–9 % points.38"

But then when you look at the education levels of the gay and lesbian parents stated on page 11 it didn't seem that great to me, "Both lesbian and gay parents are well educated with well over 19 % of them graduating from high school." 19%of the Gay & Lesbian Parents Graduated High School? And that is High?
It is not unsurprising that the children with 2 mothers had lower graduation rates. Men make more money then women do. And keep in mind that those two mothers could only legally marry in Canada in 2005. But hey wait a minute, he is using the 2006 Census data on children aged 17 to 22, thus these children grew up in homes where their mothers were NOT Married. No wonder he threw in the Co-habitating & Marrieds into one clump there were probably very few actually married people in the group.

I totally question his Table 4 on Family Income. He is showing in Canada the AVERAGE family income for Single mothers is 49,874 Canadian Dollars. Doesn't that seem high to you? And the AVERAGE family income for Married Heterosexual Headed families is 119,172 Canadian Dollars. Earlier he said that only 19% of the Gay and Lesbian Parents had High School Degrees yet on Table 4 he shows that the average income for Gay Parents is 91,357 Canadian Dollars & Lesbian Parents 88,600 Canadian Dollars (2006 Dollars). If only 19% of the Gay & Lesbian parents have graduated from High School that means 81% do NOT have a High School Diploma and look at the salaries they are earning. Seems odd doesn't it?

I will have to leave it to the experts on analyzing the Odds Ratio and Regression Sections.

One other thing to note I guess he was Restricted by the Census people in Canada to only using 20% of the Census data (and the way he wrote it it seems like the Census data you have to make a request and the Census Data People go & get the data for you, that is the way I read it) He was only allowed to work with 20% of the whole Data set records. "The country estimates for gay families is just 423, and for lesbian families 969" So N numbers for his sample then must be 84 children for Gay Fathers and 193 children with Lesbian mothers. Then figure some of these must have been a couple kids in the same family so the actual number of families studied is less even than 84 (gay fathers) & 193 (Lesbian mothers)

ascanius001 October 5, 2013 at 10:01 pm

timed just like the release of the regnerus "study" to appear just before important rulings/votes on ssm–this time in hawaii, illinois, and new jersey.

i'm afraid this is the pattern we're going to have to get used to, now that the professional anti-gays have their own think tanks established to pump out their bogus studies at a moment's notice.

StanJames June 14, 2014 at 7:46 pm

All3 states have marriage equality – cheers.

the nuttier the right wing gets, the more we know our gay friends are winning the battle.

weshlovrcm October 7, 2013 at 12:42 am

Radical anti–gay activist Gallagher should be reading the Bible instead of all these "studies." In there, she'd see that Jesus never condoned homophobia and neither should she.

StanJames June 14, 2014 at 7:46 pm

Shes tow busy laying in bed with her boyfriend, trying to make #3 illegitimate kids

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