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LGBT Journalist: I Will Out Closeted Anti-Gay Russian Lawmakers

by David Badash on September 9, 2013

in News,Politics

Post image for LGBT Journalist: I Will Out Closeted Anti-Gay Russian Lawmakers

Russian lawmakers who are LGBT, in the closet, and vote for a proposed bill that will remove children from all LGBT parents and from all same-sex couples will be outed by a Russian LGBT journalist and activist.

Elena Kostyuchenko, (image, center,) who writes for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, took to Twitter on Thursday to announce her campaign. Offering her email address, Kostyuchenko asked for “information, correspondence, photographs… about the deputies of the State Duma concerning LGBT” activities.

This week, the head of a Russian nationalistic political party who is a Deputy minister in Russia‘s Duma — their version of the House of Representatives — filed a bill built on President Vladimir Putin‘s law banning so-called “homosexual propaganda.” Comparing homosexuality to child abuse, drug abuse, and alcoholism, State Duma Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev said he believes that so-called homosexual “propaganda” must be banned not only in the public space “but also in the family,” the AP had reported. Zhuravlev’s bill would would in essence forcibly kidnap untold thousands of children from their parents.

Kostyuchenko calls her campaign promising to out any LGBT lawmaker who votes for Zhuravlev’s bill a “nuclear bomb” that should be used only as an “extreme measure.” But, she says, “Now, it seems such a time has come.”


“Kostyuchenko noted that ‘in the event of the passage of the law to remove children after the first reading, the information about homosexual deputies of the State Duma will be published,’” a slightly modified translation of a report at Gay Russia notes:

In this case, the activist added that “immunity from outing will have only the MPs who voted against the law to remove children. Others will be disclosed. This is a warning. They want to destroy our lives, and we will destroy them.”

In the U.S., many anti-gay LGBT lawmakers have been the target of outings, based on their decisions to vote against laws promoting equality, or for anti-LGBT legislation.

The 2009 Emmy-nominated documentary Outrage, directed by Kirby Dick, accuses several then-prominent U.S. politicians of being gay, including Larry Craig, Charlie Crist, Ed Koch, Ed Schrock, and Ken Mehlman.

Schrock, a Republican, had resigned in 2004 after being exposed, allegedly soliciting sex from a male prostitute, after journalist Mike Rogers outed him. Mehlman came out of the closet the year after Outrage was released. Rogers and his work are the main focus of Outrage.


Image: A May, 25, 2013 LGBT protest in Moscow. Elena Kostyuchenko, in blue dress, center, holds a gay pride flag while being arrested or detained by police. Via Facebook.

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BJLincoln September 9, 2013 at 8:51 am

GO FOR IT! Do it now! If I had proof, I would out any and all who are in government. How about no proof. See how they like having there personal lives ripped apart and the threat of having their children taken.
If I could I would pay for and house a family. My heart breaks for these people and the people in Uganda.

revtjchase September 9, 2013 at 12:03 pm

When I think about the pain and suffering that people are going through because of a bigoted hate monger who seems to think he is God. Is he related to Hitler? Plain and simple, no one should go to Russia or any of the countries over their that are against human rights. Kill their tourism and let them think about their ignorance. Out everyone including the bashers that harms anyone in the lgbt communities.

deleted7067654 September 9, 2013 at 1:10 pm

As a member of the LGBT community, I am extremely against this. It is not anyone else's place to out anyone else. Don't you think that any closeted lawmakers are struggling in Russia enough as it is? Taking away the personal choice to come out is not only stooping to anti-gay organization's level, it is a poor reflection on the LGBT community as a whole. Are there terrible things taking place? Absolutely. But matching violent opposition with hateful vengeance is not the solution.

MiddleGrounds September 10, 2013 at 6:34 am

"Russian lawmakers who are LGBT, in the closet, and vote for a proposed bill that will remove children from all LGBT parents and from all same-sex couples will be outed by a Russian LGBT journalist and activist."

Do you not read??? She said those that VOTE for the proposed bill, not otherwise. Please, learn to read before you post things like this.

Robroberts2013 September 9, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Taylorwagneri, genocidal homophobia needs to be stopped everywhere; why are we supposed to respect people's privacy when they don't even respect our right to exist? You have a strange sense of justice if you think destroying same sex families and kidnapping their children warrants that we respect these individuals on any level. It is timid people like you who accept their oppression that are the enemies of progress and equality.

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