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Lesbian Beaten And Hospitalized Says Attack Not A Hate Crime. Mother Disagrees.

by David Badash on November 28, 2012

in Hate Crimes,News

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Mallory Owens, the 23-year old Alabama lesbian who was the victim of a tragic and brutal beating, has now said her attack was not a hate crime. Her mother disagrees and has called for hate crime charges with an upgrade to attempted murder. The accused attacked is Mallory Owens’ sister’s brother.

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“Owens is out of the hospital and back at the home where she was allegedly beaten by 18-year-old Travis Hawkins, Jr. on Thanksgiving Day,” Fox News 10 reports:

Owens said she doesn’t remember much of that night. However, she said she doesn’t think she was attacked because she is gay, despite what her mother Kristi Taylor told FOX10 News Monday.

“No, it was just a bad night. I honestly don’t think that is what he thought, ‘Hey, you’re gay so I am going to do this to you,’” said Owens.

Owens is dating the sister of Travis, Ally Hawkins. The two women share an apartment.

Ally Hawkins said she doesn’t believe her brother attacked Owens because she is gay either.

“No, this is not a hate crime. We both know why it happened. That will come out, but not at this time. It is very humiliating,” said Ally Hawkins.

Owens said she doesn’t feel scared about being there.

“No, they are a normal family,” said Owens. “I wish this wouldn’t have happened, but I don’t hate her brother or her family.”


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