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Lawsuit Against Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano Leads Conservative To Claim She Has A ‘Lesbian Girlfriend’

by David Badash on August 10, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for Lawsuit Against Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano Leads Conservative To Claim She Has A ‘Lesbian Girlfriend’

An anti-Islam conservative blogger who compares herself to Ann Coulter is claiming that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has a “lesbian girlfriend,” an idea which she apparently attributes to a lawsuit recently filed accusing Napolitano of gender discrimination because she hired a former employee who is a woman to push out a male employee at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which the lawsuit seems to claim; or, something.

The embarrassingly long title of the article by Debbie Schlussel, the anti-Islam blogger, is:

EXCLUSIVE: Top NY Homeland Security Cop Sues Napolitano; Alleges Obama DHS Officials’ Anti-Straight Discrimination, Demands for Oral Sex – “J-No Appointed Lesbian Girlfriend, ICE Chief of Staff Harassed Male Agents”

Frankly, perhaps someone can explain the “J-No” part to me, because it sounds awfully suspect, (“J-No”?) but then again I’m not an anti-Islam right wing conservative Ann Coulter wannabee just months away from a presidential election.

Meanwhile, on to the lawsuit.

Politico states:

The suit, by James Hayes, a special agent in charge of New York City investigations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement federal court accuses Suzanne Barr, ICE’s chief of staff, of regularly harassing male employees. Barr was Napolitano’s chief of staff when the latter was governor of Arizona.

According to the Post and Daily News, Hayes’ suit accuses Napolitano of freezing him out in favor of Dora Schriro, who is now the head of New York City’s Department of Corrections and previously led corrections departments in Arizona and Missouri. Before he took over in New York, Hayes was the director of ICE’s detention and removal operations. Schriro was brought in as a special adviser to Napolitano on those topics, and began replacing Hayes in meetings, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit says Schriro is a close friend of Napolitano’s.

Perhaps the most amusing take is Rebecca Schoenkopf’s sarcastic piece at Wonkette:


Have you ever wondered if Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano likes vag? You probably have wondered that. She is asked if she is lesbionic all the time, by everyone, just constantly. Well, now comes a lawsuit from a guy who was demoted after Napolitano took over at DHS, so she could replace him with a woman, Dora Schriro, with whom she had a “long-standing relationship.” Also, some crazy person keeps calling subordinates on the telephone and screaming that she wants to blow them? That doesn’t sound very lesbian, but whatever, it is very sexually harrassy (and weird!).

So Obama and Napolitano come in, James T. Hayes Jr. gets demoted and replaced, and sues because whatever.

That is pretty damning, all right, Napolitano hiring someone she’d already worked with for a long time. WHO WAS A LADY.

Perhaps someone can read the lawsuit (available at Schlussel’s site) and find where it says “lesbian girlfriend,” because I read it and didn’t see it. And I don’t think it’s cool to say someone’s gay, or a lesbian, if they’re not. For the record, Napolitano was asked years ago and she said she’s not.

The issues in the lawsuit are not going to be resolved here, but what should be shared is the sheer hatred we are seeing from the right.

A few of the final paragraphs from Schlussel’s blog post:

I have heard one thing universally from the many ICE agents and Homeland Security officials who contact me on a regular basis:

That Janet Napolitano and Department of Homeland Security officials running Immigration and Customs Enforcement discriminate against straight male agents (in favor of gay agents) and harass them. And that Suzy Barr constantly sexually harasses male agents in an open, consistent pattern and practice without any negative or disciplinary response from Napolitano or anyone in the Obama administration. (Several agents believe that Obama ICE Chief John Morton is bisexual and that this is part of the reason he allows this behavior and discrimination to continue under his watch. As I’ve noted, the man he appointed to be his deputy, Dan Ragsdale, is openly gay and harasses straight male agents regularly. When John Morton leaves ICE, Ragsdale will be running the show and many agents have questions about their relationship. As I also told you, Morton’s Assistant Deputy is lesbian Beth Gibson, for whom a new, waste-of-money government job was created so she could be near her girlfriend in Colorado, and ICE money was wasted so top officials could attend the girlfriend’s ICE Academy graduation.) All of these Obama officials and their cronies use ICE as their own personal harem, and straight males are the victims.

And this is why so many ICE agents plan to vote for Mitt Romney and cannot wait until the cretinous Obama incompetents running the agency are out. And it’s why, as I’ve repeatedly noted on this site, morale couldn’t get lower at ICE under Obama, and itsemployees rank it near the bottom of government agencies. The lawsuit’s allegations only confirm that.

“All of these Obama officials and their cronies use ICE as their own personal harem, and straight males are the victims.”



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leahwaldron August 10, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Great article. I am the editor of, and we mentioned this article on our site (with a link) so that more people will read it.

Serenifly August 10, 2012 at 9:41 pm

J-No is a somewhat tortured pun on J-Lo, aka Jennifer Lopez

1geekymomma August 12, 2012 at 6:15 pm

There are few things that incense me more than individuals taking the facts and stretching them to make them more dramatic than they are and people who report on items without reporting on the entire story/research. Perhaps it is my research background or slightly OCD nature. I do, indeed, find Schlussel’s article to be full of assumptive speculation on the sexual orientation of Napolitano. Frankly, I could care less for the woman's writing style, This is supposed to be investigative reporting, not E! TV.

However, to blithely skip past the court document without reading it and just assume that everything is A-OK because we dislike the messenger is a crime. I am a working woman who has put many years into non-discriminatory practices and having women seen as equals in my field. Letting ANYONE screw-up and mar that reputation is not something I am willing to sit by and let happen. Having read the actual court document [you can find it and several other references here… I feel like there probably is a significant problem going on – NOT with being gay or not gay, but simply sexism, abuse of power and connections. That is something that should concern anyone. Especially when the role of women is already so unbalanced in the first place. The last thing I need to hear is "Well, you know what happens when you put a woman in charge…"

It is my sincerest hope that this is handled quickly and those responsible are removed ASAP.

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