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LaBarbera: Will Sandusky’s Penn State Victims Grow Up Thinking They’re Gay?

by David Badash on November 10, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Hate Groups

Post image for LaBarbera: Will Sandusky’s Penn State Victims Grow Up Thinking They’re Gay?

Calling homosexuality a “perversion,” and “sinful, destructive and changeable,” Peter LaBarbera (image, left) today suggests that the victims of Jerry Sandusky will grow up thinking they’re gay, despite any factual evidence to support his mistaken argument. Jerry Sandusky, now in jail, was — as the world has learned in recent days — the heir-apparent to revered and now fired Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Sandusky stands accused of sexually molesting, assaulting, or raping up to 20 young boys across a 15 year period, amid rumored new allegations of child prostitution.

In a blatant attempt to intermix homosexuality, an innate trait fixed at birth, with pedophilia, a psychological disorder, LaBarbera flouted his ignorance and bigoted hatred through none other than the decades-old Christian News Wire.

Peter LaBarbera is the 48-year old president of the SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, who has bounced around the extreme right-wing fringe groups that serve as self-appointed anti-gay crusaders, like Accuracy in Media, and the Culture and Family Institute, yet has been unable to secure an official role in the Republican Party. Recently, the IRS stripped Labarbera’s group of its tax-exempt status.

“Many openly homosexual (“gay”) men, like CNN anchor Don Lemon, were molested as boys or experienced abnormally early sexualization,” LaBarbera writes, ignoring the possibility that they could have been born gay and molested or assaulted anyway. “Yet many of these same men do NOT see their boyhood victimization at the hands of homosexual male predators as causing their homosexuality.”

The lack of simple logic — not to mention, empathy for victims of child sexual abuse — is staggering.

Offering no sympathy for Sandusky’s victims, nor offering any evidence of attempting to contact any who might now be adults, LaBarbera asks, “how many boy victims of homosexual predator Sandusky will end up believing that being homosexual (‘gay’) is ‘who they are’? How many will struggle with sexual identity issues? And how many will be told by LGBT advocates and liberal-minded people just to “accept being gay” as “who they are” because they were ‘born that way’?”

Had LaBarbera bothered to read the 23-page Grand Jury indictment, he would know that it lists eight victims (although there are reports that state there are up to 20 victims,) and five of the eight are now adults ranging from 22 to 27 years of age.

LaBarbera should also remember that Sandusky is not a homosexual, but a pedophile (assuming the mountainous charges are true) and is married with two grown sons.

Were Peter LaBarbera, himself a father, especially concerned about the victims, or, a little thing called accuracy, he could have traced them, or attempted to locate them. No doubt, if they are gay, and if they attribute their homosexuality to Sandusky’s molestation and rape, no doubt they would consider responding to a public request from someone so devoted to demonizing homosexuality.

But LaBarbera is only interested in spreading false information, furthering his personal stature as an avowed homosexual hater, and padding his bottom line — this time on the backs of sexual assault victims. One has to ask, has LaBarbera no shame what so ever?

LaBarbera offensively identifies “pederastic molestation” as the cause of homosexuality, leading any logical human being to assume that homosexuals are created by sexual assault, and therefore, every homosexual on earth must in fact be the victim of sexual assault. never mind what all the psychological associations say about homosexuality, a certified hate group President must know best, right?

This line of thinking is clearly false, and LaBarbera, for all his blind hatred, should know better.

“There IS a long history connecting homosexuality to pederasty, and a disproportionate link between homosexuality and pedophilia: why else would so many child molestation victims be boys when only 1-3 percent of the population is homosexual?,” LaBarbera writes, effectively negating his entire argument.

Yes, Mr. LaBarbera, why would so many child molestation victims be boys when only 1-3 percent of the population is homosexual?

“Since cases of women molesting boys remain rare, if homosexuality were not such a strong factor, nearly all of pedophile victims should be girls, which is far from the case.”

The mind absolutely reels.

The facts, not that LaBarbera has ever been interested in spreading those — despite his Orwellian-monikered group — is that heterosexual men sexually assault or molest young girls in far greater numbers than they do young boys, and heterosexual men molest children of either sex at a far greater frequency than do homosexual men, or women, for that matter.

Here’s a fact, straight from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who report that for each year between 2000 and 2005, “female parents acting alone” were most likely to be perpetrators of child abuse.

Kind of blows LaBarbera’s false claims right out of the water, doesn’t it?

Here’s another fact: “According to the Third National Incidence Study, girls are sexually abused three times more often than boys.” And another study offers this:

Statistics indicate that girls are more frequently the victims of sexual abuse, but that the number of boys is also significant. Estimates suggest that males account for 25-35% of child sexual abuse victims.

What LaBarbera might want to do instead of placing blame on homosexuality or homosexuals — which, by LaBarbera’s own admission, Sandusky is not — is to first try to understand the problem, and then, as the head of a “Christian” organization, offer assistance. That is what any real Christian would do.

Editor’s note: Alvin McEwen at LGBTQ nation, Jamie McGonnigal at Talk About Equality, and Kevin Naff at The Washington Blade have all since expressed their concerns about this latest move by Peter LaBarbera.

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Stumptown_Sel November 10, 2011 at 5:38 pm

This kind of mentality makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. First of all, it tragically undermines the real issue of abuse, coercion and manipulation of children at the hands of demented adults. Secondly, it's so so so baseless in its assumptions. LaBarbera needs to wake up and stop using tired, debunked, antiquated "statistics" and "facts" when spouting his idiocy. Case in point. I'm gay. I never experienced an iota of abuse at the hands of an adult. I grew up in a Christian family with healthy boundaries and parents who've been loving, supportive and present. My partner did experience abuse. As did some of my gay friends. Many of my friends experienced none, and have gone on to form healthy, long-lasting gay AND straight relationships. Abuse is an ugly thing, and requires healthy and intentional space of a reparation process. It isn't a precursor to sexual orientation. Not as a rule. Let's get our facts straight, by actually looking at examples that refute our stupid opinions.

BobwaSEAWA November 10, 2011 at 7:01 pm

What a filthy jerk. Regardless of the sexuality of the rape victim, it FOREVER changes their lives and all in negative ways. This stupid idiot not only doesn't have a clue, he's out spouting this crap, inflicting even more damage to the situation. What is also a filthy thing that every society seems to do, is give the rapist a pass on their assault and permanent emotional damage they cause, they attack the victim and try to make them the criminal and filthy scum. It is SO NOT TRUE, the victim is the RAPED, not the rapist.. The rapist needs to be castrated, period.

Richard_Wade November 11, 2011 at 7:24 pm

World famous psychologist Peter LaBarbera has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan, and he earned his PhD in Faggot Fear and Loathing from the elite Peter LaBarbera Institute for Self-Aggrandizement. He graduated at the top of his class of one, winning accolades and honors from Dean of Student Peter LaBarbera, and Department Head Professor Peter LaBarbera. His groundbreaking doctoral thesis, titled "Pulling Pseudoscience Out of My Ass" has become a seminal work that is frequently cited and referenced by prominent researchers in Gaybash. He is listed in Who's Who in Bigotry, and has authored several papers published in the Journal of Homophobic Demagoguery. Doctor LaBarbera is considered one of the foremost authorities in the burgeoning field of Hate for Fun and Profit.

IMHomo November 2, 2012 at 2:16 pm

I laugh at all the comments on this website. Do you people really take yourselves and this bogus movement seriously? Of course, Sandusky is a queer. Molestation is what homosexuals do. Homosexuals see a Boy Scout troop, and they get weak in the knees. It is disgusting that the Left in this country so embraces homosexuality. Of course, most of the liberals are effeminate and queer, so, I guess, it is to be expected. Homosexuals hate themselves and want approval of their deviant ways. It is all propaganda. Look up Hunter Madsen and Marshall Kirk. Later pervs.

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