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  • This Pioneering LGBT Lawmaker Is Under Attack, and She Needs Your Help

    Texas Rep. Mary González, Nation's First Pansexual Official, Facing Tough Primary Challenge From Anti-Gay Opponent

    Four years ago, Texas state Rep. Mary González made history by becoming the nation's first pansexual elected official. 

    Now, González, who serves the people of El Paso and surrounding communities, is facing a tough fight for re-election in the March 1 Democratic Primary against an anti-LGBT opponent, former state Rep. Chente Quintinilla. 

    Quintinilla is currently under investigation for voter fraud, and his campaign is funded almost entirely by a right-wing, pro-charter-school group called Texans for Education Reform. Quintinilla recently spent $37,000 on an attack mailer alleging that Gonzalez supports condom distribution in elementary schools.

    The mailer shows photos of multi-colored condoms and food on a school lunch tray, according to The El Paso Times

    "It was vulgar," González said of the mailer. "Sometimes it’s little kids who go get the mail.”



    Although Quintinilla is a Democrat, he didn't always act like one during his previous stint in the Legislature. He co-authored both Texas' constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and a horrendous anti-choice bill that requires women seeking abortions to undergo sonograms, according to Burnt Orange Report

    Quintinilla's disgusting ad is a false characterization of Gonzalez's House Bill 78, a common-sense measure that would have required school districts to offer "medically-accurate, age-appropriate" sex education. 

    Needless to say, HB 78 would not have required elementary schools to distribute condoms. Instead, HB 78 would have required schools to enact policies on condoms without saying what those policies should be. It also would have required schools to teach that students should abstain from sex, and allowed parents to keep their kids out of sex ed. 

    Nevertheless, Quintanilla is maintaining that the mailer is accurate. 

    “People’s values should be respected,” he told The El Paso Times, in what may have been a veiled reference to González's sexual orientation. 

    During his 10 years in the Legislature, Quintinilla thrice received the designation of "furniture" from Texas Monthly, in its rankings of the state's best and worst legislators. The magazine bestows the furniture designation on lawmakers who are “no more consequential than their desks, chairs, inkwells, and spittoons." 

    Gonzalez, meanwhile, has developed a reputation as "an outspoken champion of social justice and a tireless advocate for her district," according to Burnt Orange Report. 

    In addition, González is a tremendously brave advocate for LGBT equality. When she came out as pansexual during her 2012 campaign, she was just 28. Last year, Gonzalez authored a bill that became the first explicitly pro-LGBT measure to receive a vote on the House floor in more than a decade. She was also instrumental in defeating more than 20 anti-LGBT bills. 

    In short, González has earned the LGBT community's support, and right now she needs it more than ever. Gonzalez said any contributions she receives before Tuesday will allow her to keep her ads on the air as long as possible. To contribute to González's campaign, go here. You can also "like" her on Facebook.


    Image via Mary González/Twitter

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    • commented 2016-02-24 18:59:19 -0500
      I find parents that think their children are not having at the age of 10 need a reality check. AND these right wing religious groups need to stop trying to force their views on others.

      The Constitution give all of the right to believe in any religion. It gives you the right to say what you want, within reason. It does NOT give you the right to force your views or beliefs upon others. You do NOT have the right to verbally harass, stalk, or attack someone because they live life differently—be it sexualality or beliefs.

      George Washington once said. “America is a nation of Christians, but it is not a Christian Nation”.

      Our Founding Fathers knew all to well the profound damages caused by a religion in control of government. History has numerous examples of its outcome, and most ended with thousands of lives lost. This is why America is a nation of religious freedom—it is a Religion Freedom Nation. In this way no man, woman, or child can ever be judged for his belief or lack of belief.

      America’s citizens have forgotten the fundamental foundation of our county; lost track of the direction our Founding Fathers set in stone. There are those that demand our nation be proclaimed a Christian Nation and fail to realize it goes against our Constitution. They wish to force their beliefs upon everyone even if they do not believe in their religious views.

      The Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is a religious view and therefore ruled UNCONDITIONAL to force upon other. Your religion may be against abortion and therefore ruled UNCONDITIONAL to force a woman to carry a child she does not want. God says though shall not murder and we made it against the law—because all of agree that no one has the right to murder anyone; it is a common law, a law that all agree too.

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