• Source: Kokomo Tribune/YouTube
  • Anti-Gay Religious Leaders Pray for Legal Right to Discriminate Against LGBT People

    Watch Meeting Live – Anti-LGBT Pastors in Kokomo, Indiana, Stage Rally in Advance of Final Council Vote

    Anti-gay religious leaders in Kokomo, Indiana, are literally getting down on their knees to pray that they'll continue to enjoy the right to discriminate against LGBT people. 

    Last week, Kokomo's Common Council voted 5-4 to approve an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance on first reading. The ordinance is a direct response to the Indiana Legislature's failure to pass statewide LGBT protections this year. 

    If the council approves the ordinance on second reading tonight, Kokomo would become one of about 20 Indiana cities that have passed LGBT protections. 

    On Thursday, 100 religious leaders who oppose the ordinance gathered to pray that at least one council member will change their vote, according to The Kokomo Tribune, which published photos of people on their knees inside Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church. 

    But organizers of the rally insisted they were acting out of love, not hate, and merely following "God's word."  

    “It is never right for a man to ever be in a women’s restroom, (or) in women’s locker rooms in Kokomo, Indiana," said Eric Miller, founder of Advance American, an Indianapolis-based anti-LGBT group.  

    Sadly, Tribune reporter Cara Ball didn't bother to contact anyone who supports the ordinance for her story. She also did nothing to counter the false, fear-mongering assertion that the ordinance will somehow lead to sexual predators entering women's restrooms and preying on young girls. 

    After Advance America's Miller addressed the council last Monday, officials began giving preference to speakers who actually live in the city.  

    One of those speakers was Aleczander Dean, an 18-year-old trans student at Kokomo High School who poignantly refuted the trans bathroom myth

    "I just want to know why you guys think we're going to be predators, seeing as how the bathroom is our worst nightmare?” Dean told the council. 

    Mount Pisgah Pastor L. E. Anderson insisted he doesn't have a problem with LGBT people. 

    "God loves them like he loves us," Anderson told the Tribune. "It’s not about LGBT. It's not about heterosexual. It’s not about homosexual. It’s about God’s word, and that trumps everything." 

    Councilman Stephen Whikehart, the author of the ordinance, told The New Civil Rights Movement he’s confident it will pass on second reading. 
    "The five of us our firm and adamant about creating a more comprehensive piece of legislation that extends civil rights protections to include: age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation and gender identity,” he said. "If our community plans to remain competitive locally, nationally and globally, we have to attract and retain young families, quality professionals, and hard working people. Part of this attraction comes with creating a safe and inclusive environment. We will not be influenced by misconceptions and the propagation of fear."

    Tonight's meeting begins at 6 p.m. EDT and will be streamed live on the city's website


    Image: Screenshot via Kokomo Tribune/YouTube 





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    • commented 2016-03-15 15:08:03 -0400
      Why does jesus attract such trashy people?

    • commented 2016-03-15 02:38:15 -0400
      The Holy Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that
      in latter times some will turn away from the faith,

      giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits

      and doctrines that demons teach,

      through the hypocrisy and pretensions of liars

      whose consciences are seared (cauterized),

      WHO FORBID PEOPLE TO MARRY***… 1 Timothy 4:1-3

      When we take an intellectually honest look at the same sex marriage debate right now, I think we find that at no point in human history have we ever seen every element listed in this prophecy being fulfilled in such precise and accurate detail. Let’s break it down:

      But the [Holy] Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times

      “In latter times" would be after the Apostle Paul wrote this, so we are nearer now to the latter times (not to be confused with the end times) than when Paul was alive, so this prophecy cannot apply to any situation he was addressing in his day.

      some will turn away from the faith

      Only Christians can “turn away from the Christian faith.” How many Christians do we see who forbid LGBT people to marry, and act in such an un-Christlike manner when doing so?…even as they refuse to even discuss Apostle Paul’s ordination of same sex marriage in 1 Corinthians 7:8-9.

      giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits and doctrines that demons teach

      I believe the doctrine of forbidding LGBT people to marry is indeed demonically inspired in an effort to prevent the fulfillment of Isaiah 56, Romans 11:25, and Luke 17:34, in an effort to prevent Jesus from returning by using His Own words against Him from Luke 24:44.

      Through the hypocrisy

      How much more hypocritical can it be for people who have often been divorced or committed adultery being some of the very ones who most loudly oppose same sex marriage?

      and pretensions

      How much more pretense can there be than to hear a Christian extol the virtues of exgay therapy only to be busted cruising Grindr, or the Minneapolis airport restroom, or with a RentBoy hired to carry their luggage?

      of liars

      How many more lies will we hear about how same sex marriage will lead to the end of humanity, or pedophilia, bestiality, or men marrying their refrigerators?…or the lies we hear about the causes of homosexuality, and how LGBT people are responsible for everything from hurricanes to earthquakes? Truth be known, these folks aren’t even wise enough to limit their lies to one cause of homosexuality, or one result of LGBT people getting married.

      whose consciences are seared (cauterized)

      Why is it atheists often seem to have more compassion toward LGBT people than most Christians do? How many more LGBT kids have to commit suicide before the Church realizes the damage their doctrines and lies are causing? Where is the love of Christ that is supposed to bring human compassion to our fellow man? How many families have been torn apart? How many LGBT kids have been kicked out of their homes? How many LGBT clergy have been defrocked just for being honest about who God created them to be? We don’t have to look too far in order to see the loudest opposition to same sex marriage comes from those who claim to “love the sinner,” but can’t even demonstrate the least level of human empathy and compassion, as if they have no conscience at all.

      Who forbid people to marry…

      Who else is being forbid to marry in the latter times (and under every condition the Holy Spirit states here) except LGBT people? And who else is forbidding people to marry except those who call themselves Christians, but do not at all reflect the love of Christ by which Jesus said people would know they were?

      I believe the specificity and accuracy of this prophecy point to the current same sex marriage debate like a laser, and I believe even the most hardened homophobe will as well, if we can just get enough LGBT people who know to share it with them. They may still oppose same sex marriage, but they will no longer be able to use the Bible as a reason why without portraying themselves as being demonically influenced themselves. http://www.brianbowenministries.com/doctrines-demons-teach.html

      This is a guided “power point” tour that walks viewers through a side-by-side comparison of the Scriptures containing both Jesus’ and Apostle Paul’s teachings on marriage, adultery and divorce. I believe it reveals Jesus taught LGBT people are naturally born so in Matthew 19:12, and that Apostle Paul ordained Same Sex Marriage in 1 Corinthians 7:8-9.

      Let me know if you spot any errors.

    • commented 2016-03-15 01:23:00 -0400
      “Oh lord, won’t you let me refuse gays a suit, my friends all wear shirt sleeves they’re straight and not cute, worked hard all my life for bucks to compute, so gay bucks aren’t needed please make them all mute.” Sung to the tune….you know the one.

    • commented 2016-03-14 22:01:27 -0400
      Of course Eric Miller was involved! He also showed up at Carmel’s hearings last fall, where we had to endure three hours of testimony at the first hearing (much of it hate-talk). I don’t care what Pastor Anderson says – if you hold a faith vigil to withhold civil rights to people, you ARE not a godly person! I’m sick of people using faith to hide behind their bigotry! Lastly, I wish Eric Miller would stay home during these hearings! He doesn’t live in these cities and needs to mind his own business.. I’ wish he would take up another hobby instead of trying to make the lives of LGBT Hoosiers miserable!

    • commented 2016-03-14 18:38:29 -0400
      How about we send in an inquisition to test their faith before we let them decide what is legal for them to use it for? Bigotry isn’t religious. At least, not part of Christianity. Slavery is, however. Funny that.

    • commented 2016-03-14 17:50:47 -0400
      George: You make a fair and important point. Speaking only for myself, thank you for the much needed “attitude adjustment”.
      regards: derrick

    • commented 2016-03-14 17:03:04 -0400
      Why not balance these stories with religious leaders who embrace and support full inclusion of the LBGTQ in their jurisdictions. The American National Catholic Church, (www.TheANCC.org) is an expression of Catholicism which has, from it’s beginning, has been all inclusive. While I know it is important to report these stories, it might help your readers to know that these “Religious Leaders” do not speak for or represent the entire Christian community.

    • commented 2016-03-14 16:54:37 -0400
      Rosey is right on.
      Yank the tax exemption and these lizards will rot on the vine..

    • commented 2016-03-14 16:38:12 -0400
      If pastors are going to use their pulpits in order to influence political outcomes then perhaps it is high time that all churches and other religious organizations were taxed.

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