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Joe.My.God. Gets Goods From Rekers’ Rentboy

by David Badash on May 7, 2010

in Bigotry Watch,News

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Joe Jervis, better known as Joe.My.God., got the goods direct from the source. Very early this morning he interviewed Jo-Vanni, the gay male prostitute George Rekers hired via They had a lengthy chat. You definitely want to head over to Joe’s to read the entire piece, but I’ll share with you a sampling:

Joe writes,

Jo-Vanni’s “first contact with Dr. George Rekers was via email through They met in person one time before the trip to Europe, but “nothing happened.”

An ardent atheist, Jo-Vanni says he argued to Rekers that one could be a moral person and still not believe in God. “That was pretty much it as far as religion. He didn’t quote Scripture at me or anything,” he said. So much for Rekers’ claim of Christ-like outreach to the fallen.

While Jo-Vanni confirms they didn’t actually have sex, the details of their time together are pretty graphic. “So it was definitely sexual for him?” I asked. “Oh, for sure!” he replied. And in that way that 20 year-olds speak, he added, “He was definitely totally gay for me.”

“So what have you got planned for tomorrow, more laying low, so to speak?” He said, “Well, I do have to get up early for an interview. You know that guy, the gay reporter on TV?”

That gay reporter is Anderson Cooper, whose office has been calling Jo-Vanni.

Like I said, head over to Joe.My.God. for the rest.

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