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Jane Lynch: “I’m Just Really Really Gay,” But “I Wanted To Be A Boy”

by David Badash on September 22, 2011

in Celebrities,News,Politics

Post image for Jane Lynch: “I’m Just Really Really Gay,” But “I Wanted To Be A Boy”

Jane Lynch appeared on HLN’s Joy Behar Show and told Joy that she wanted to be a boy when she was young.


WATCH: Emmys: Jane Lynch Explains Why She’s A Lesbian

In her new book, Happy Accidents, Lynch reveals she would dress up as a man every chance she got, like at Halloween.

“I felt I was in the wrong sex. I really did. I would go into my dad’s room and put on his clothes,” Lynch tells Behar. “Very ‘Mad Men’ of me, I would pretend to have a cocktail, this was in the mid ’60s, I just felt more myself in a suit and a tie. I looked at my mom and her life and said, ‘I don’t want that at all’ — I don’t think my mom wanted it either!”

“Any chance I had to dress up as a boy, like Halloween, I would be a pirate, or a ghost that wore a tie — or a hobo.”

“I am just really, really gay. I am. If here’s the spectrum, I am gay. I have no interest in men sexually at all. I don’t. I want to be them, I get the male thing and I like being that for a woman. But I also like being a woman, too,” Lynch added, smiling.

Lynch is fresh off her stint hosting the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards, and did a great job — especially with her eight-minute opening number. The AP notes,

Just days after hosting her first Emmy Awards, actress Jane Lynch says she’s not sure she’d do it again.

Lynch said in an interview Wednesday that if she had to decide now, her answer would be no. But she says she had a great time and hadn’t felt “that creative and alive in a long time.”

Let’s hope Lynch gets a lot more exposure and opportunities.

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