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In Racist Tweet John McCain Calls President Of Iran A ‘Monkey’

by David Badash on February 4, 2013

in International,News,Politics

Post image for In Racist Tweet John McCain Calls President Of Iran A ‘Monkey’

John McCain today called the President of Iran a “monkey” in a racist tweet, which is causing great controversy. Via Twitter, the 76-year old Republican Senator and former presidential candidate wrote:

So Ahmadinejad wants to be first Iranian in space – wasn’t he just there last week? ‘Iran launches monkey into space”

McCain then went on the defensive:

Shockingly, but somewhat fantastically, Republican Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) took to Twitter to chastise the veteran Senator:

Senator McCain also weathered great criticism during the 2007-2008 presidential campaign when he was forced to defend a video showing him singing, to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann,” a song in which he sang, “Bomb Iran.”

No word yet on whether new Secretary of State John Kerry, or President Obama, will be forced to apologize for the US over McCain’s actions.

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