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Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Anisse Parker Doesn’t Flinch At Recall Threat

by Jean Ann Esselink on May 27, 2014

in Discrimination,Jean Ann Esselink,News

Post image for Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Anisse Parker Doesn’t Flinch At Recall Threat

Houston city council members are scheduled to vote tomorrow on a bill to extend protections against discrimination due to sexual identity and gender identity. Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who is openly gay, proposed the bill last month, fulfilling a campaign promise. It is similar to ordinances passed in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.

The proposed law would ban discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age and disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. The ordinance would apply to housing, city employment, city contracting, and private business. Religious institutions and workplaces with fewer than 50 employees would be exempt.

dave wilson hhouNot happy about the prospect of the law? Republican curmudgeon Dave Wilson, (left) who ran against Annise Parker for mayor in 2011, losing to the out lesbian bookstore owner with an embarrassing twelve percent of the vote. The man is a raging homophobe, as evidenced by the complaint he is currently making on his website; Mayor Parker has given an appointment to someone who visits gay porn sites – he actually lists them.

Dave Wilson is now threatening to recall the mayor, and any council member who votes for the non-discrimination legislation.

It’s a far cry from the office of mayor, but Dave Wilson is currently an elected member of the Houston Community College Board of Trustees. You may even remember him as the candidate who sent out campaign literature pretending to be a black man, highly endorsed by his black friends and neighbors. In reality Wilson is a white man and the “friends and neighbors” were nothing but stock photos from the net.  Using those questionable tactics he beat the incumbent trustee, a black man who had held the position for twenty-four years, by just twenty-six votes.

Wilson’s campaign against Annise Parker was just as nasty. His own website refers to himself as:

“…the ‘narrow minded bigot’ that Annise Parker refers to in the letter she sent out to homosexuals and lesbians in San Francisco to raise money to continue to promote the homosexual agenda.”

One of his campaign mailers offered voters a photo of Annise and her partner (now her wife) with the question: Is this the image Houston wants to portray? And his robo-calls disparaged her “alternative lifestyle”.

Now Wilson is threatening to collect the  2500 signatures needed to recall the mayor, and every council member who votes for the non-discrimination bill if it brought up for a vote tomorrow as planned. In Houston, an elected official may be recalled for “incompetence, malfeasance, or unfitness for office.” Wilson says since the bill is at odds with state law, he considers anyone voting for the bill to be incompetent. Mr. Wilson:

“This is absurd, it’s unheard of. “It’s nothing but pure payback for the mayor. She’s paying back her core constituents that supported her.”

Earlier this month, under pressure, Mayor Parker removed a controversial provision of the bill that dealt with a trans’ choice of bathrooms, but the mayor shows no signs of further retreat.

Mayor Parker:

“The Houston I know doesn’t discriminate. It really doesn’t matter in Houston, and it shouldn’t matter in Houston, your place of origin, your gender, your age, what physical limitations you may have or who you choose to love. It’s time to codify in ordinance that position.”


Photo via Facebook
Mr. Wilson’s photo is a screenshot from KHOU TV News.

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weshlovrcm May 27, 2014 at 6:35 pm

So in other words, the "tolerant" right is once again attacking and intimidating any pro-equality American who dares exercise their freedom of speech, conscience and/or sincerely held religious beliefs?

cftxp May 27, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Why the hell is this guy allowed to be on the board of trustees of my school? Ironically enough, discrimination based on sexual orientation is banned, I'm really hoping I can help add gender identity to that list. Anyway, this guy has zero legitimacy, let him wallow in his own hate since people with integrity like Mayor Parker have their own truth to stand on.

rmthunter May 28, 2014 at 7:50 am

Given his track record, this looks like it's going to crash and burn — or more likely, just fizzle.

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