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‘Hostage-Taking’ Is All ‘Alternate Reality’ GOP Has Left, Elizabeth Warren Says

by David Badash on October 1, 2013

in News,Politics

Post image for ‘Hostage-Taking’ Is All ‘Alternate Reality’ GOP Has Left, Elizabeth Warren Says

Promises ‘We Are Not Going Back’ To Anti-Abortion Times — Denounces GOP Shutdown

“We have lived in that world and we are not going back — not ever,” a strong and resolute Elizabeth Warren promised her colleagues and the American people yesterday on the floor of the Senate. The Senior Democratic Senator from Massachusetts slammed House Republicans as “backward-looking ideologues” who are happy “shuttering the government” over abortion and Obamacare. “I wonder what alternate reality some of my colleagues are living in?” she asked.

“This assault on birth control is just one more Republican assault on the orderly functioning of our government and the orderly functioning of our economy. In effect, the Republicans are trying to take the government and the economy hostage — threatening serious damage to both, unless the President agrees to gut the Affordable Care Act.”

“So let me be really clear about what is happening in the real world. The ACA is the law of the land. Millions of people are counting on it.”

The Senator added that Republican “threats may continue, but they are not working, and they will never work. Because this is democracy, and in a democracy, hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can’t win their fights through elections, can’t win their fights in Congress, can’t win their fights for the presidency, and can’t win their fights in the courts. For this right-wing minority, hostage-taking is all they have left — a last gasp of those who cannot cope with the realities of our democracy.”


Hat tip: John Becker at Bilerico

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Kiltedbear October 1, 2013 at 1:59 pm

My senator! :)

Peter Blaise October 1, 2013 at 5:56 pm

The T. E. A. Party is merely a front for the Koch brothers and non-human corporations who consider themselves superior to real, living citizens, thanks in part to the US Supreme Court's erroneously named "Citizens United" decision.

The Koch brother's and corporation's goal is to strangle and kill we-the-people's self-governance, and all this shadow-boxing over details and processes is mere distraction from the ultimate goal — corporate world domination.

Exxon is already bigger than the US in most places in the world.

Who's next?

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