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Post image for History’s ‘The Bible’ Touts Focus On The Family, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren As Top Advisors

History’s ‘The Bible’ Touts Focus On The Family, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren As Top Advisors

by David Badash on March 18, 2013

in News,Politics,Religion

History channel’s “The Bible,” an epic ten-episode TV miniseries which introduced last night what can only be described as a mirror image of Barack Obama portraying “Satan,” is touting as its top advisors some of the leaders of the religious right’s anti-gay movement. From Focus On The Family president Jim Daly, to Pastors Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, and T.D. Jakes, “The Bible” has found an audience thanks to its claim of taking the Bible “as fact.”

Husband and wife producers Mark Burnett (Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice and The Voice) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) “approached History and struck a deal, which included a sizable CGI budget to bring state-of-the-art realism to the Great Flood, the parting of the Red Sea, God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and other Bible ­stories,” TV Guide reports:

The duo then formed an ­advisory board with some of America’s top spiritual leaders.

“We weren’t qualified to teach the Bible, but we knew plenty of people who were,” says Burnett, whose interfaith panel included pastors Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and T.D. Jakes, Bishop Michael Sheridan, Focus on the Family president Jim Daly and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

“So why are the guy who created ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Survivor,’ and the woman who played an angel tackling ‘The Bible’?,” ABC News asks:

“The Bible is the foundation of this nation, of our laws, of our society,” Burnett said. “There wouldn’t have been the Declaration of Independence. President Obama swore his allegiance to all of us not on one Bible, on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bible and Abraham Lincoln’s bible last month. It’s on our money: ‘In God We Trust.’”

“We believe the Bible,” Burnett said. “However, on this project, there’s only one way to approach this. You have to take the Bible as a fact.”

“We have run into people that have thought, believe it or not, that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, or that Sodom and Gomorrah lived happily ever after,” Downey said. “And [we] thought, if nothing else, just to set the record straight.”

Pastor Rick Warren has likened homosexuality to “arsenic” and “punching a guy in the nose,” and claims same-sex marriage would “weaken” the church.

Jim Daly and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson have claimed same-sex marriage is a threat to civilization.

And Joel Osteen calls homosexuality God not at his best.

Of course, if you want, “The Bible: The Epic Miniseries” is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Hat tip: Towleroad and Little Green Footballs

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filmphile79 March 18, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Does anyone else think the really crazy thing here is that the Bible is being shown on a channel called History? What's next the Bulfinch's Mythology Miniseries?

GaelicWench March 18, 2013 at 9:41 pm

Personally, I find "Vikings" to be far more historically accurate. At least they used actors resembling the Germanic people of whom Vikings are related to. Blond hair, blue eyes, rugged, and warrior-like. Think I will stick to this show. No rolling of eyes needed, yes?

kuhrdan1 March 18, 2013 at 10:57 pm

I am looking forward to the Bulfinch or should I say the Bullshit Mythology Miniseries? Are the cast of characters acted by CPAC members?

GaelicWench March 18, 2013 at 9:33 pm

"…..which included a sizable CGI budget to bring state-of-the-art realism to the Great Flood, the parting of the Red Sea, God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah….."

"……on this project, there’s only one way to approach this. You have to take the Bible as a fact.”

I refuse to watch this show based on the misrepresentation of Jesus using a Caucasian "pretty boy." Jesus was a Jew, dark-skinned, very dark hair, etc. What is it with evangelicals refusing to see Jesus as the person he was, physically? It's an insult to refuse acceptance of the son of God for what he looked like.

The same goes for Mary. Again, nothing more than a Caucasian "pretty girl." No! I am in no way implying that Jewish people are ugly. Not in the least. We have no clue, really, what Jewish people looked like except to go based on the possibility that Jesus' relatives came from eastern Africa, lived under the desert sun and arid conditions. Humans evolved in order to survive the climes from this type of geography.

I use the Bible as a guide on how to live my life. Jesus truly did exist. But he was NOT a caucasion, nor were any member of his family. They need to get it right or not bother at all.

Brandon Cox March 19, 2013 at 1:07 pm

For what it's worth, I agree with you completely. The Jesus featured in most films is far more northern European than Jewish. And the only reference in the Bible to Jesus' physical description is in Isaiah 53 which says he wouldn't be the kind of guy you'd want to stare at, probably meaning he was the GQ-cover Jesus we usually portray.

Superabound1 March 18, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Funny how much CGI you need to portray things that never actually happened.

kuhrdan1 March 18, 2013 at 10:59 pm

Wow, Jesus is a hot stud, like those young clean white faces of CPAC Libertarians.

sdfrenchie March 19, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Pastor Rick Warren, I only hope that same-sex marriage will weaken the church. Somebody's got to do it, so it might as well be us. You fools lost us when we were children because we were openly humiliated in front of entire congregations, we were snubbed (people wouldn't sit beside us in a pew), we were hated and beaten and murdered because of people like you and the other members who made this joke-u-mentary. You created hundreds of thousands of atheists because smart people know when the Bible or any religious Scripture is being deliberately misinterpreted in order to control the masses.

Curious as to why evangelicals were so hell-bent to destroy the lives of American-born citizens, I read the scriptures you mugs thump on constantly. Nowhere in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah did I find mention of homosexuality or men sleeping together. It was explained to the visitors that there were evil men in the cities and it would be safest to stay indoors, then leave before dawn and don't look back. And you damned fools really believe a woman was turned into a pillar of salt! I'm sure I hear God bust out laughing every time one of you take that at face value. More likely, they didn't carry enough water into the desert and she died from the elements or choked on a dust storm (loaded with salt, I'm sure).

I read the first four Books of the New Testament and found Jesus Christ to be the finest individual I had ever read about and He remains one of my heroes. That's because I read it for myself and didn't listen to a bunch of money-grubbin' assholes telling lies about what Jesus and God hated. You can't keep this charade up much longer because people are becoming smarter and smarter and we're on to you evil bastards. If you truly believe in hell, I suggest that is where you will all spend eternity for even expecting people to believe that God spoke to any of you personally and that is why you are certain that homosexuality is a sin. Take your communistic false faiths and pound them up your collective asses and stop brainwashing innocent people into hating in the name of God and Jesus Christ.

sdfrenchie March 19, 2013 at 12:35 pm

Now, for the History Channel. Who in the world agreed to let these haters create a documentary on your channel? Whoever was involved in promoting and paying these scum buckets should be fired immediately. As if they don't steal enough money from their congregations to spread their lies about God and Christ, now they're convincing well-reputed television stations that they need to pay them to produce their foul misinterpretations of the Scriptures. This is truly an outrage! Do you realize these creeps want gay people dead or imprisoned on a dirty island so that we can just fuck our lives away? Do you understand the damage they've done to hundreds of thousands of boys and girls and men and women with their constant spewing of hatred? How many have become disenfranchised, turned to atheism, have been snubbed, beaten and murdered by people who believe these idiots?

How can a fine station like the History Channel stoop so low as to even consider giving these vile creatures a venue for their garbage? I've watched your station for the last time, and it was one of my favorites. I will, however, watch to find out if any action has been taken by the History Channel against the person(s) who made this deal, or are you going to become like Fox News and just shrug it off?

Considering the mood of Americans at this moment, gay love and gay marriage are accepted by the vast majority of Americans. I suggest your channel check the backgrounds of people before making deals with people who have done extreme harm to members of society.

The Bible is not the foundation of this country. If it was, any other sects would not be recognized and we would be as paralyzed by one faith as the Muslim nations are. At this point in time, it would be ridiculous and a waste of time to demand that "In God We Trust" be removed from our money. If one believed the talk that's gone down about the Masons, we'd have to demand the pyramid, etc. be removed as well. Stupid waste of time and the cost of reprinting all that money would kill Paul Ryan's fucked up budget.

Shame on the History Channel!

Love to all from a 67-year-old (as of this coming April) second class citizen, thanks to religious freaks.

Rox1SMF March 19, 2013 at 7:27 pm

And now we know why Satan so closely resembled President Obama. Right wing Christofascists doing the casting.

BrooksAustin March 20, 2013 at 4:10 am

The History Channel has never been a "fine" channel. They've always only ever showed garbage like Nostradamus' bogus prophecy nonsense, their obsession with Nazi-themed marathon programming, and insane alien conspiracy programs.

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