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Hate “Group” Head LaBarbera Calls Dan Savage “Saliva Terrorist”

by David Badash on August 3, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Hate Groups,News

Post image for Hate “Group” Head LaBarbera Calls Dan Savage “Saliva Terrorist”

Peter LaBarbera, the head of the one-man show called Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) — which provides very little, if any, by the way — Tuesday called advice columnist and creator of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage, a “saliva terrorist,” for Savage’s portrayal of his (albeit juvenile) account of his attempt to derail a Republican presidential candidate in 2000.

“When it comes to corrections, this one is ‘So Gay’! – which is to say, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried: Dan (‘Saliva Terrorist’) Savage, homosexual activist, cyber-slanderer extraordinaire and big-city sex advice columnist, caught me in a technicality in AFTAH’s piece a few weeks back about his extended and fawning interview with the Chicago public TV station WTTW’s program ‘Chicago Tonight’,” wrote LaBarbera.

LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, certified a hate group (is there a “hate person” category?) by the Southern Poverty Law Center, just lost its tax exempt status because they (he?) couldn’t bother to file the required IRS forms for three years.

Perhaps LaBarbera was too busy hanging out on Twitter, as he has been known to do, announcing to the world how evil homosexuality is.

LaBarbera has written, “Legalized homosexual ‘marriage’… turns America’s schools into Pro-​Homosexual Propaganda Centers – an evil on a par with legalizing the killing of innocent, unborn children in the womb in the name of ‘choice’ and ‘reproductive rights’.”

And last year, LaBarbera managed to get all these phrases into a speech:

homosexual “marriage”

federalized homosexual “marriage”

homosexual activism

homosexual Judge

homosexual ‘unions’

Pro-​Homosexual Propaganda Centers

homosexual teachers

homosexual relationships

homosexual-”marriage” states

homosexual practice

homosexual-​led households

homosexual Scoutmasters

pro-​homosexual activism

homosexualist “rights”

pro-​homosexualist ideology

homosexual activist attorneys

homosexual legal “rights”

Do you think LaBarbera thinks about homosexuality a lot?

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