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Has NOM’s Work Been Fomenting Anti-Gay Violence In France Over Marriage?

by David Badash on April 14, 2013

in International,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Has NOM’s Work Been Fomenting Anti-Gay Violence In France Over Marriage?

NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, has a Board of Directors-approved mandate to make marriage “a national (and ultimately international) effort.” And so, NOM president Brian Brown went to France. For months Brown and his cohorts have been working in front of and behind the cameras to help create an environment hostile to same-sex marriage in France.

“In the United States, we’ve demonstrated a key fact: with adequate resources, we can win the battle for hearts and minds on the marriage issue. We can use what we’ve learned about winning this battle to protect marriage internationally as well,” NOM’s secret court documents revealed just one year ago.

And how did that work out?

NOM this weekend has been pushing its efforts in France…



…while ignoring the real story.

Just read the headlines from the past few weeks:

Gay Couple Brutally Beaten In Paris Attack Same-sex marriage debates in France result in a rise in homophobic assaults

‘This is the true face of homophobia’: Gay man viciously beaten in Paris posts picture of his injuries to Facebook in protest move that has now gone viral

Homophobic assaults up in France amid gay marriage debate

Homophobic violence sweeps France Gay man reveals bloodstained ‘face of French homophobia’ on Facebook

Wave of homophobic violence sweeps France Anti-Gay Marriage Rally Turns Violent In France (VIDEO)

Homophobic assaults surge in France amid gay marriage debate

LGBT activist and creator of Memeographs, Scott Wooledge, who created the image above, has a question for Brian Brown and his NOM allies:


The entire international community should be asking NOM the same question.

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Scott_Rose April 14, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Heterosupremacists have always relied on violence to intimidate gay people and to perpetuate sexual orientation apartheid systems. That is why so many young gay people have experienced being hurled up against public school lockers while their heterosupremacist attackers yell anti-gay pejoratives against them and school authorities do nothing about the attacks. That is also why heterosupremacists — including NOM — try to roll back and/or block school anti-gay bullying initiatives. The tactics that NOM is using in France are ones often seen in anti-minority campaigns, and of course include the thought that giving gays equality will be the downfall of the nation. The NOMzis' ultimate leader, the Pope said that giving gays equality would be the end of humanity. Of course when heterosupremacist leaders paint gays as the agents of the end of a country or of humanity, they are painting gays as something that must be wiped out by whatever means. So yes, the Pope and the NOMzis have the blood of gay bashing victims dripping off of their fingers. In Vichy France, Catholic Church officials collaborated with Nazis to get homosexuals deported to concentration camps. That fact is abundantly documented.

Alex_Parrish April 14, 2013 at 3:27 pm

D'oh! Does the pope shit in the woods? Of course it has. Without a doubt.

Huntercgo April 14, 2013 at 4:13 pm

"Does @NOMupdate condone all the violence & intimidation of the"protect marriage" activists in #France? "

Of course it does — just not publicly. Publicly, NOM will claim that the anti-marriage hooligans are the real victims.

SeanLiberty13 April 14, 2013 at 6:39 pm

"Has NOM’s Work Been Fomenting Anti-Gay Violence In France Over Marriage?"


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