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Halloween: Trick Or Treating Is Cheating On Jesus, Says Linda Harvey

by David Badash on October 31, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,News,Religion

Post image for Halloween: Trick Or Treating Is Cheating On Jesus, Says Linda Harvey

Halloween is a holiday founded on “the priorities of our spiritual enemy,” and trick-or-treating is cheating on Jesus, says Mission: America’s Linda Harvey, whose usual focus is railing against “homosexuals,” even though Harvey believes gays and lesbians do not exist.

Transcript and audio courtesy of the good folks at Right Wing Watch:

Everyone thinks Halloween is harmless fun but just for a second, let’s look at from God’s perspective, at least from what He’s told us in His word. We’ve been taught not to worship or bow down to or in any way acknowledge any other gods. But Halloween is built around just exactly that. Behind the costumes and candy is a rebellious flirtation with fallen angels and deceptive spirits, and this definitely does not honor God. Where are these other spirits and gods you ask? Well, Halloween is all about fortune telling, magic, Ouija board, witches, it’s really hard to get away from all this. It’s definitely spiritual and that spirituality is not from our Lord.

So even if your child doesn’t directly participate in these activities, I think we’d be less than honest not to admit that yes it’s a huge part of Halloween. Dressing your child in a clown costume and going door-to-door may seem innocuous but your child has learned the following: blend in and don’t make waves. In those waves at some point in your child’s life will be all the dark elements we just mentioned and more. But the problem is your child will, by that time, have learned from you that Halloween is fun and no problem.

In my agnostic life before I knew the Lord, I loved Halloween. And even after I first became a believer, I had no intention of giving it up – I didn’t want to be a weird fundamentalist. But when I researched the origins and current celebration of Halloween, I was convicted in my heart and it boiled down to this: is it loyal to Jesus to participate in this event? If you’re married, it’s not appropriate to date someone other than your spouse and it isn’t appropriate for the bride of Christ to observe a holiday founded on the priorities of our spiritual enemy.

Recently, Harvey made headlines when she warned parents to not let gay or lesbian doctors, nurses, or other medical practitioners attend to children.

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lepidopteryx October 31, 2011 at 2:58 pm

Satan is a character from Christian mythology, and they can keep him. We witches have no use for him.

BearFlagCitizen October 31, 2011 at 3:09 pm

The problem with Xtianists, is they are not content to decide for themselves how they and their families should live, but they decide…nay DEMAND that everyone else in the living world also follow their religious laws even if they are not Xtian.

When Xtianists decide to respect and follow the laws of my gods, as they demand for their god, then we can talk.

Notreallyhere17 November 1, 2011 at 10:06 am

She didn't do any good researched because Halloween is a bastardization of the the night, All Hallows Eve, the day before the catholic church celebrates its many saints ( All Saints Day). The practice started as a superstition that dead spirits, Not necessarily evil, would walk the earth, and Christian folk would back cakes for the Christian souls while disguising themselves from the spirits so that the souls of the past would recognize them. Of course other pagan traditions are mixed in too.. But that's with most of not all Christian holidays.

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