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Guns: “You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head” Bloomberg Attacks

by David Badash on February 5, 2012

in News,Politics

Post image for Guns: “You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head” Bloomberg Attacks

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Meet The Press this morning shared with anchor David Gregory frightening and startling statistics on violence and death directly related to lack of gun control in America, and added, “You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head, that would have changed Congress’ views.” Sadly, it has not.

As we have written here at The New Civil Rights Movement time and time and time and time again, 10,000 Americans die each year because of gun violence.

Bloomberg also said, “We’ve had 400,000 Americans killed since RFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. were both assassinated back in ’68. That is more Americans that have died on the streets from illegal guns since then in America than Americans that were killed in World War II.”

Video and transcript via Ian Millhiser at Think Progress:

BLOOMBERG: You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head, that would have changed Congress’ views. I can tell you how to change it, just get Congress to come with me to the hospital when I’ve got tell tell somebody that their son or daughter, their spouse, their parent is not going to come home again. This past, this week, even though the murder rate in New York is so much lower than almost every big city, we still had a cop shot last week with a gun that somebody had even though the federal laws prohibited that person from having a gun.

You know, the federal laws say you can’t get a gun if you have a drug problem, psychiatric problems, criminal record or [if you are] a minor. And yet Congress doesn’t give moneys to make sure we can have a background check. They have too many loopholes. The background databases aren’t up to date. Private sector sales of guns are something like 40 percent and they don’t do background checks, I don’t know who has to get killed for people to start saying ‘wait a second, this is enough.’

Millhiser properly adds:

If anything, the picture in Congress is even bleaker than Bloomberg suggests. In 2006, the NRA successfully lobbied Congress to make the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) a Senate-confirmed position. Since then, the Senate has been unable to confirm anyone to serve as the chief enforcer of firearms laws due to the combination of gun lobbying and the nearly-unbreakable filibuster. President Obama’s nominee was blocked because he opposes allowing civilians to purchase a weapon capable of punching a baseball-sized hole in 2.5 inches of bulletproof glass.

Not content simply to erect barriers to enforcing federal firearms laws, much of Congress also wants to strip states of their power to enforce reasonable gun regulations. The House recently passed the “National Right To Carry Reciprocity Act,” which forces nearly every state to honor concealed carry licenses issued by the states with the laxest licensing rules. Half of North Carolina concealed carry permit holders with felony convictions have been allowed to keep their permits, and Florida issued 1,700 concealed carry permits to people with “criminal histories, arrest warrants, domestic violence injunctions and misdemeanor convictions for gun-related crimes.” Under this NRA-sponsored bill, all of these permit holders who be allowed to carry concealed firearms in 49 of the 50 states.

Nor are federal lawmakers the only ones looking for new and more creative ways to arm the nation. Several states are pushing efforts to force colleges to allow concealed firearms on campus— because clearly what America needs are rooms full of fraternity members packing heat right after they each consumed a case of Milwaukee’s Best. Not to be outdone, Colorado lawmakers are pushing a bill to allow firearms in elementary schools.

As conservative Justice Antonin Scalia explained in D.C. v. Heller, respecting the Second Amendment does not mean filling every building with firearms, or eliminating concealed carry rules, or placing guns in the hands of convicted felons or the mentally ill. Sadly, far too many lawmakers have let the NRA convince them that the myth of the Second Amendment far exceeds the reality.

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mjbarkl February 5, 2012 at 10:00 pm

You'd think that somebody would have had enough of this nonsense and run for Congress to introduce an Amendment to Repeal the Right to Keep and Bear Arms followed by appropriate regulation to cut down on supply and access. You'd think that, wouldn't you?
–Mike Barkley, Candidate for Congress new CA-10 District,

hoffmang February 6, 2012 at 3:51 am

In the old civil rights movement, Martin Luther King applied for a discretionary permit to carry a firearm. He was denied even though he clearly faced legitimate death threats. I'm bemused that "the new civil rights movement" agrees that today's Dr. King should also be denied a fundamental individual civil right to effective self defense by statists like the rich and out of touch Mayor Bloomberg. Because the state will protect you – even when the state is run by people who don't like you.

It must be comforting to assume that government doesn't want to hurt you. It must be comforting to ignore the reality that Dr King and THM Howard, Huey Newton, and Bobby Seale faced. I mean fellow traveller Ronald Reagan made sure that those Black Panthers were disarmed. He was following in a long precedential line. The KKK was the original gun control organization in America.

I'm sure you're a fellow traveler because how dare those people with the most civil rights at stake have the ability to defend themselves.


Nanjing03 February 7, 2012 at 7:52 am

This Congress is doing what the people elected them to do — to stay off the backs of the American people and run interference from a rouge president and his cronies. We can include Bloomberg and Associates as some of those cronies. Bloomberg is sweating bullets (pun intended) because interstate concealed carry recipricity already passed overwhelingly in the House and has broad bipartisan support in the Senate. It won't be long before EVERY law abiding citizen with no felony convictions and no serious mental health issues, and who can clear the National Instant Check System can apply for a concealed carry permit and carry anywhere in this country. If Bloomberg doesn't like it, he can move to Mexico which has some of the most draconian gun laws on Earth — and some of the most horrific violent crimes to go with it.

fourthrowe February 14, 2012 at 7:23 am

Wow, 400000 dead from gun violence over 44 years (including suicides). That's not a lot compared to the 170 million who were disarmed and then killed by their own governments over the past century. Gun control leads to genocide. Genocide is impossible against an armed populace. 2A has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting. 2A is about human rights to thrive without being enslaved.

johnnyjuicebox May 11, 2012 at 2:14 pm

NO guns
NO safety
NO peace


KNOW guns
KNOW safety
KNOW peace

its as simple as that, most shooting and almost all robberies are committed against unarmed people, or inside of these "no gun zones," an assailant would be more inclined to attack someone unarmed as opposed to someone carrying, lets say a SW .357, and armed society is a polite society

and besides..gun control is NOT about the guns, its about CONTROL ! exercise your rigths, especially the 2A, because a right no practiced will soon be lost.

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