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Graham: Americans Need To ‘Resurrect Moral Majority’ After Electing Obama

by David Badash on November 16, 2012

in News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Graham: Americans Need To ‘Resurrect Moral Majority’ After Electing Obama

American Christian evangelist and missionary Franklin Graham says Americans “turned our back on God” by re-electing Barack Obama, and need to “resurrect the Moral Majority.” Graham, son of the 94-year old televangelist Billy Graham, says the President’s second term will usher in “the largest changes in our society since the Civil War.” (Amusing that he uses “the Civil War” as a marker for the re-election of the nation’s first Black president.)

WATCH: Franklin Graham: Gays Can’t Have Marriage Because ‘Plumbing’ Must Be ‘Completely Different’

Graham apparently is terribly upset that “everybody’s taxes will go up,” because “it’s just going to get more expensive as you try to pay for Obamacare.”

Graham tells David Brody of televangelist Pat Robertson‘s Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), “We need someone like Jerry Falwell to come back and resurrect the Moral Majority movement, where you get people who have a moral background that are willing to come together and vote for moral issues that are important to this nation.”

Now, let’s stop for a moment here.

Franklin Graham’s profession is being a man of God.

Graham’s God teaches that we should love each other and take care of each other.

The Churches — Christian, Catholic, Mormon, etc. — have totally abdicated this responsibility, preferring to allow secular society and government to take the financial burden of caring for the nation’s poor and needy, rather than spending their vast wealth to do God’s work.

Graham, a benefactor of the Church — his only job is being the scion of a televangelist — is complaining about taxes going up so people won’t die from not having regular access to good medical care.

Anyone else find this hypocrisy unGodly, and out of this world?

And what did the Moral Majority do?

Via Wikipedia:

  • Censorship of media outlets that promote an “anti-family” agenda
  • Enforcement of a traditional vision of family life
  • Opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment and Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
  • Opposition to state recognition and acceptance of homosexual acts
  • Outlawing abortion in all cases, even to save a woman’s life
  • Targeting Jews and other non-Christians for conversion to conservative Christianity

Thanks to Right Wing Watch for the video

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angelbaby83 November 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Same 'Stuff' Different Day. Whenever a decision is made that this type of person disagrees with it's 'immoral'. Rather than having any honesty that they are continuing the same hate-filled bigoted perspective that they were taught and continue to perpetuate as right. As if magically saying 'the world is flat' enough times makes it a reality. Whenever someone tries to call them on their bigotry it's 'their right to freedom of religion is being silenced' but if the shoe were on the other foot it is magically a different case. The reality that the being that they say they follow would have never spouted such hate but because they think there is a magical justification for it that it somehow makes it ok to do so. Just my few cents on this continued stereotype being perpetuated and, in my opinion, giving the people who follow the spirit of christianity a bad name.

Huntercgo November 17, 2012 at 8:51 am

That's it — just keep looking backwards.

James_M_Martin November 17, 2012 at 9:41 am

I get it. "Resurrect" the Moral Majority. Of course, Franklin intends to be the chief honcho there. He expects a salary, rock star treatment, limousines, new multi-million-dollar home so he can host guests and donors. Air conditioned dog houses. Elevator for his car collection. Hey, people, wake up: theocrats are on the march. They expect to get rich off the stripping away of your freedoms. My advice for Mr. Graham: Get lost.

barbonine November 17, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Go snort some more Peruvian Marching Powder and STFU, Franklin!

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