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Glee Star Kristin Chenoweth Says “I’m Christian And Gay Is Not A Sin”

by David Badash on September 14, 2011

in Celebrities,Civil Rights,News,Religion

Post image for Glee Star Kristin Chenoweth Says “I’m Christian And Gay Is Not A Sin”

Glee star Kristin Chenoweth tells Joy Behar that she’s devoutly Christian but doesn’t believe being gay is a sin. The award-winning Broadway and TV star talked about Chaz Bono and Dr. Keith Ablow, growing up asking her family about homosexuality, her relationship with God and the Bible, reconciling her faith with her support of the LGBT community, and anti-gay bullying.

“I am a Christian I believe in God, but, and, I don’t believe he makes mistakes, so I believe being gay is not a sin I believe it’s how you’re made,” Chenweth tells Behar, adding, “I am a very spiritual person.”

“It kills me that someone would, that a child would take their life because of their sexuality,” Chenoweth says. Upon herring of the high rate of teen suicide in Michele Bachmann’s district, Chenoweth asked, frustrated, “Haven’t we learned anything?”

Speaking of religion, Chenoweth adds that “we have these rules of how you have to be, if you’re born a certain way, it isn’t the truth.”

On Chaz Bono and Ablow’s attacks on the transgender community, Chenoweth says, “Can you imagine feeling like you were born in the wrong body?.. Why do we have to persecute?”

In July, Chenoweth was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series, as her Glee character April Rhodes.

The Advocate last week wrote,

The Tony and Emmy award-winning star of stage and screen, who is probably best known to gay audiences for originating the role of Glinda in Wickedand playing alcoholic high school dropout April Rhodes on Glee, is just as comfortable talking about her Christian faith as she is speaking out for gay rights.

Last year when aNewsweek writer questioned whether openly gay actors like Chenoweth’s Promises, Promises costar Sean Hayes could convincingly play straight, the actress fired off a burning missive that labeled the piece “horrendously homophobic” and likened the writer’s comments to bullying. And in 2005 after being named singing spokeswoman for a Women of Faith concert in Oklahoma City, promoters demanded her resignation after learning of her pro-gay stance — which ironically came out during an appearance on The 700 Club that upset many of her gay fans. Chenoweth refused to step down, saying if Women of Faith had a problem with her beliefs they could fire her. They did, which she referred to as the saddest moment in her professional life.


And as always, a big thank you to Dave Evans of SuchIsLifeVideos for this clip! We’re very grateful for his hard work!

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