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  • Giants Hire Anti-Gay Former NOM 'Champion of Marriage' Spokesperson

    The New York Giants today hired David Tyree, a hero of Super Bowl XLII, an outspoken anti-gay marriage activist who attempted to swing New York State's marriage debate, and a former National Organization For Marriage spokesperson.

    Back in the summer of 2011, three years after his historic Super Bowl XLII catch for the New York Giants, David Tyree entered the national spotlight again -- on a different playing field, however.

    Claiming that if New York passed same-sex marriage, it would "be the beginning of our country’s sliding toward, you know, it’s a strong word, but anarchy." He also said, “two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman." and with that, Tyree threw his helmet onto the marriage equality field and began a short-lived career as an anti-gay bigot.

    “How can marriage be marriage for thousands of years and now all the sudden because a minority, an influential minority, has a push or an agenda and totally reshapes something that was not founded in our country, not founded by man, something that’s holy or sacred?,” Tyree asked. It is not irrelevant to note that Tyree himself is a minority, one who would not have been allowed to marry a white woman if he desired, until the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia.

    “There are only two issues that are hot topics that are near and dear to God’s heart, and that is same-sex marriage and abortion,” Tyree also told reporters at the time.

    He also went on Fox News Business to say, "I don’t want my kids to think homosexuals are normal."

    Today, the New York Giants announced they have hired David Tyree as their new Director of Player Development.

    Speaking about the importance the Director of Player Development plays, Giants Coach Tom Coughlin in a statement said,

    “Player engagement has become extremely important in any franchise,” Coughlin said. “It is the working relationship with the players to aid them in their continuing education, their development as young men, the opportunities in the business world and in networking in the city that they happen to be playing in. It is there to help instruct them, make them aware of the issues and the problems that exist out in the community and the world to try to keep them focused on their job and not fall into trouble.

    In other words, Tyree, an anti-gay marriage activist and born-again Christian will serve as a mentor to new NFL Giants players.

    Here are Tyree's "anarchy" comments:

    And here's Tyree's anti-gay marriage video for the National Organization For Marriage:

    Tyree apparently is also a believer in demons.

    On what appears to be his Facebook page, Tyree several times posted this video, urging, "if you are willing to commit to weekend [sic] immersed in God," to join him.

    And there is also also this post:



    Hat tip: A.J. Perez | NJ.com


    Carrie Prejean And David Tyree Were NOM’s “Glamorous Non-Cognitive Elite”

    David Tyree Don't Know Much About History, Biology, Anarchy, Or Marriage


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    • commented 2014-07-24 20:56:01 -0400
      Those who have experienced discrimination know what it is, and to discriminate themselves against others shows a decided mental illness. For David Tyree, to call out LGBTQ people as being less than other people demeans not only himself but all people like himself. It would make sense when people see David Tyree, to call him N**** to remind him that his acceptance is relative and fragile and he and his children can revisit that era if enough “white” people want to attack him because of his race.

      For David Tyree, to introduce his Jesus into the conversation is offensive as my LGBTQ (and other) people are not Christian, but Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist and other groups and his Jesus is not right for all people nor his religion the ultimate religion (the followers of Muhammad claim that their man is the “last prophet”). David Tyree, is, without mincing words, the worst bigot to enter this area of conversation, and I would recommend that people think seriously about David Tyree, and, of course the New York Giants. Maybe it is time to write the NY Giants and declare personal and group intent to boycott the game, David Tyree, and those like him.

      Linguistically the N word (nigger) actually means “unclean heart and impure thoughts” and has onlyi in the last several centuries devolved into an aspersion against a color, a race, and a group of people. David Tyree, by his rant, shows he is against his own heritage.

    • commented 2014-07-24 07:34:25 -0400
      The lgbt civil rights movement started in NYC. So, its ironic that a New York franchise is anti-gay. Horrible mistake for the Giants. Pretty sure this new hire for Player Development is on the D.L. and has a Grinder account. Those who are most homophobic are usually hiding something.

    • commented 2014-07-23 17:50:33 -0400
      I guess I should start using the “N” word again..

    • commented 2014-07-23 10:09:47 -0400
      NOM is an organization, like all religions, that exists to pew hatred and bigotry. Hiring him speaks volume’s about the Giants.

    • commented 2014-07-23 07:03:24 -0400
      I think this is the Giant’s veiled way of telling the LGBT community that they are not welcome.

    • commented 2014-07-23 07:03:23 -0400
      I think this is the Giant’s veiled way of telling the LGBT community that they are not welcome.

    • commented 2014-07-23 04:28:37 -0400
      This is saddening and disappointing.

    • commented 2014-07-22 20:00:42 -0400
      Money talks. Boycott the Giants and contribute to athletic groups that respect all people.

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