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  • Photos! Gay Dads Welcome Their Newborn Son

    These photos of two new dads welcoming their newborn son into the world, have gone viral, after photographer Lindsay Foster posted them to her Facebook page. Have a look.

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    Photographer Lindsay Foster captured the moment when two anxious dads finally got to meet their son, born to a surrogate mother. 

    BJ and Frankie from Ontario, Canada, welcomed the little boy they named Milo on the same day as World Pride. Lindsay caught the moment when the new dads removed their shirts in order to begin the bonding process.


    Lindsay also posted this black and white study on her Facebook page below the full color photo on the top of this page with the message:

    "Words can not tell you how wonderful it was to witness this amazing moment in time. But I am VERY hopeful that these images can make you feel the deep LOVE and admiration that everyone felt for this surrogate mom and the baby's new parents. These Daddies will most certainly be two amazing parents. 

    I look at these pictures and I immediately tear up. 

    The top picture is one of my favourites because everyone is included.
    Surrogate mom and her husband, the new parents and their baby boy Milo, and two wonderful and amazing midwives."

    Lindsay also posted on her Facebook page:

    “They are two compassionate people who felt all the emotions that every new parent feels.”

    Thanks to Lindsay, anyone who looks at these exquisite photos can see that for themselves. 







    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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