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Gay Marriage Is ‘Actually About Silencing Christian Voices’ Says Focus On The Family

by David Badash on February 20, 2013

in News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Gay Marriage Is ‘Actually About Silencing Christian Voices’ Says Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family in this new video claims same-sex marriage equality is “actually about silencing Christian voices in the public square.” Their “proof”? News reports about people flouting anti-discrimination laws and actually being held accountable. It’s not discrimination when it happens to LGBT people, only to Christians, is what Focus on the Family is really saying in “CitizenLink Report: The Real Agenda.”

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This inability to see reality certainly is nothing new, but the refusal to acknowledge their hetero-supremacist ways is ludicrous.

“Shepard and Johnston are categorically denying that discrimination is discrimination,” writes Zack Ford at Think Progress:

They cite various cases of so called “marginalization” of Christians, but none of them even took place in states that have marriage equality. In each situation, it was a business refusing to provide a service to people because of their sexual orientation and then being challenged under state laws because that form of discrimination is illegal. A New Mexico photographer refused to document a same-sex couple’s commitment ceremony and lost in court. Bakers in Colorado and Oregon have been challenged for refusing to sell cakes to celebrating same-sex couples. A t-shirt company in Kentucky was found to be in the wrong for refusing to print t-shirts for a Pride festival. None of these states even have same-sex marriage; the business owners simply do not have legitimate standing to discriminate.

Focus on the Family feels that challenging these Christians constitutes an attack on their motives, and they’re right. They’re defending discrimination, and personal religious beliefs offer no justification for that second-class treatment in society.

Stuart Shepard refers to the lives of same-sex couples as merely “a disagreement over a policy issue.”


When we’re fighting for the right to visit loved ones in the hospital an make decisions for them and for our children, we’re not talking about policy issues, were talking about issues of life and death.

Were we to start filing bills to remove the rights of opposite-sex couples to marry, to see their spouses in the hospital, to be included in survivor benefits, would Focus on the Family and their radical religious right friends claim were were talking about “policy issues”?


Watch the video and see how they’re totally twisting reality and facts:

Hat tip: Jeremy Hooper at Good As You



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Truth_Addict February 20, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Christians supported slavery and the subjugation of women. They opposed inter-racial marriage. The "chrisitians" certain don't act very christ-like. So, using history as a reference, maybe we should be silencing this bigots in the public square.

James_M_Martin February 21, 2013 at 12:48 am

No, but I might agree if he'd said gay marriage is about silencing stupid fundamentalist evangelical Christian voices, the kind who think the world is 5 to 6,000 years old, that Eve spoke to a talking snake, and that Adam rode dinosaurs. These people are as ignorant as they are delusional: ask them why God punished Sodom but sent Lot away to impregnate his own daughters. Seems to me he's kind of arbitrary, condemning same sex unions but saying it is perfectly all right for a father to knock up his own daughters. Sheesh!

ohiostreetjoe February 21, 2013 at 5:17 am

I am non-religious today and have been since 1985. Before I left the religion of my upbringing, I studied the New Testament under the tutelage of an ex-nun. She was fond of saying that Christianity hasn't really been tried. I don't really know anymore. But, I have to say that the public face of Chrisitianity today isn't very attractive or even acceptable. It's as if being a Christian means that all other beliefs are unimportant. I grew up in a fiercely Catholic family. The elders in our family during my childhood didn't like it when anyone wore religion on one's sleeve. They considered it ill mannered and rude. Discrimination is discrimination. No one has the right to discriminate against another because of ideology, religious, or political beliefs. It is the beauty of the US Constitution which defends our right live our lives according to the way we see fit. Who is really being harmed when two men or two women love each other or enjoy their nakedness together? In fact, the who is being harmed question needs to be the measure we live by when it comes to making judgements. Christians have become rather disgusting. Barry Goldwater warned the Republican Party about them.

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