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Gay Man Beaten Unconscious, Called ‘F’ Word In Vicious Homophobic Attack

by David Badash on March 14, 2013

in Hate Crimes,News

Post image for Gay Man Beaten Unconscious, Called ‘F’ Word In Vicious Homophobic Attack

A Davis, California man is in the hospital after being beaten unconscious while being called the “f” word this weekend in a horrific homophobic attack. Mikey Partida, who is 32 and gay, says the only reason for the attack is because he’s gay. The alleged attacker, whom police have identified but not to the public, reportedly knocked on Partida’s cousin’s door afterward to “brag” about the attack.

Partida “was leaving a relative’s home early Sunday morning when a man started harassing him and calling him a gay slur,” local ABC News 10 reported:

Partida ignored the man and kept walking.

“I was just trying to make the right choice in a bad situation,” he said from his hospital bed at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Unfortunately, Partida forgot his keys and had to go back, that’s when the suspect attacked.

“I heard him, personally, yelling slurs at him,” Partida’s cousin Vanessa Turner said. “I know it was unprovoked.”

“He just continued, getting closer and closer, and then he just punched me,” Partida explained.

Local Davis, California police note, “‘Based on statements from the residents, the Davis Police Department is investigating this incident as a possible hate crime.’ No other details were provided at that time,” according to the Daily Democrat:

[Police Lt. Glenn] Glasgow stated that “we have identified a suspect in the alleged hate crime incident. Although we are not releasing the identity of the suspect, there could be criminal charges forthcoming at the conclusion of the investigation.”

For their part, family members have posted graphic details on the extent of Partida’s injuries.

According to the Facebook page, “Mikey has suffered from a fractured skull, bleeding on his brain, multiple fractured bones in his face and a laceration to his head that left a pool of blood on the lawn where he was beaten. The bruising and swelling around his eyes is so bad he still has not been able to open them. He also has a cut under one eye that went all the way though the lid. The trauma to his ear is so severe it caused his ear to swell three times its normal size.”

The Facebook page is Mikey’s Justice Fund.

Hat tip: Towleroad

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thetarotman March 14, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Sounds like a hate crime to me. And please, Mikey, from now on make sure you have your keys and everything else you need before you leave someone's home!

LOrion March 14, 2013 at 1:54 pm

OMG! We live 90 miles away. I do hope it was on local news here… but no, I don't find it. Will be sending this to local newspaper editor.

Hydroceph March 14, 2013 at 2:42 pm

I live in Davis. I don't watch TV, but all I can say is this had better be the lede in today's paper. I mean, I know it's pretty much worthless as a paper, but still.

Hydroceph March 14, 2013 at 2:43 pm

This really isn't that kind of city or community. I hope the police make their arrest soon. This needs to be dealt with hard and fast, because asshole like the perp don't need the freedom of our streets.

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