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Gay Journalist Offers Assistance To Maggie Gallagher And NOM

by Scott Rose on July 20, 2011

in Marriage

Dear Maggie Gallagher:

While acknowledging your desire to do something for society, I find unfortunate that your anti-marriage rallies planned for this coming weekend might at least partially contaminate the joy felt by those intending to marry and their loving family members.

Therefore, if you will call off those rallies, I will help you for the remainder of this week to instead organize for Sunday increased assistance to homeless people all across New York State.

Just think what we will be able to achieve by raising awareness of the plight of the homeless this week and then spending this coming Sunday raising money to help them.

Organizational structures already exist for helping the homeless but they are in desperate need of volunteers and additional funding.

Thanking you so kindly in advance for your affirmative response,


Scott Rose


(This letter was sent via email to Gallagher on July 19. No response has been received to date.)

New York City-​based novelist and freelance writer Scott Rose’s LGBT-​interest by-​line has appeared on Advocate​.com, PoliticusUSA​.com, The New York Blade, Queerty​.com, Girlfriends and in numerous additional venues. Among his other interests are the arts, boating and yachting, wine and food, travel, poker and dogs. His “Mr. David Cooper’s Happy Suicide” is about a New York City advertising executive assigned to a condom account.

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Thorne_Cassidy July 20, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Whoa, hold up. Doesn't this journalist know that Jesus called xtians to hate on gay families–not to feed and clothe the poor.

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