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Gay GOP Group GOProud’s Chris Barron Takes Down Paladino

by David Badash on October 11, 2010

in Bigotry Watch

Post image for Gay GOP Group GOProud’s Chris Barron Takes Down Paladino

The Ed Show: “Paladino Thinks God Made Everyone Straight, Kids Get Brainwashed Into Homosexuality”

On tonight’s The Ed Show, Ed kicks off his “Fired Up’ segment with this warning:

“The level of dangerous anti-gay hate in this country is out of control, and the Republican party is adding fuel to the fire.”

Chair of gay GOP group GOProud, Chris Barron, says, “He’s Alan Keyes… He’s running the perfect campaign to get 25% of the vote… He’s a buffoon… My dog has a better chance of getting elected Governor than Carl Paladino does.”

Gay rights activist and blogger Mike Rogers of BlogActive and The Raw Story adds some insightful analysis.

“Well, Mr. Paladino’s clearly been gripped by old talking points of the very people who he’s hoping to elect him, because he knows if he puts down his ideas that he’s tried to run on, he’ll go nowhere so he starts to grasp at these crazy ideas. and he — there’s nothing to make of it is that he’s another politician saying what he thinks he will hope to get elected but are there real ramifications and we saw what happened in the Bronx. We see what happens with the youth suicides that you mentioned earlier. That when politicians and leaders say things like this, they have an effect on people because they are seen on leaders and Chris can say what he wants but Carl Paladino is the de facto leader in the Republican party in the state of New York and when Carl Paladino says things like that he’s putting the lives of gay, lesbian and bisexual people at risk.”

Rogers finishes by saying, “We have an opportunity to either stick with the team that has tried to move our agenda forward and to bring about equality or to jump ship and go over to, really, the greed boat that Chris Barron is in, because for him it’s about taxes, taxes, taxes. He’ll say it’s about the Tea Party but Tea Party they say is about taxes so I think the gay community knows where they’ll be standing on election day.”

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