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Gay Conservative Andrew Sullivan: In The End Gays Will Remake Society

by David Badash on June 3, 2011

in Civil Rights,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Gay Conservative Andrew Sullivan: In The End Gays Will Remake Society

Gay conservative writer and blogger Andrew Sullivan, who has written volumes on same-sex marriage and gay rights, speaks here to Big Think about marriage equality and LGBT equality, the radical religious right, and Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project.

Sullivan is gay, married, and renounced his affiliation with the right in late 2009.

(Ironically, Sullivan, who a month ago moved from The Atlantic to The Daily Beast, is still wearing an Atlantic tee shirt.)

Via Big Think: The idea that politicians will grant gay people equality has always been a complete delusion, says the blogger. “The only thing that brings us equality is our own testimony and our own lives”—like Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project.”

Sullivan professes some very “radical” notions that no doubt you will soon see on the pages of NOM’s blog (paging Maggie Gallagher!) and hear mangled through AFA’s Bryan Fischer’s distortions. Listen closely.

“In the end we will have so remade society, it will have to adjust to us, because it will seem absurd not to. And the only weapon they have against us is fundamentalist religion, in its crudest and rather brutal form. And of course just the general constancy and general panic and fear of anything different.”

“If you change the society and culture, the politics will follow.”

“So I always did believe that if every gay person did come out, it [discrimination] would be over.”

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michaelrogers636 June 4, 2011 at 11:41 am

Andrew Sullivan is one of the reasons we are in the damned mess we're in. Why is it these people who put conservatives on power that think they get to run the movement? Sullivsn supported Bush. Considering marriage amendments were the secret to Bush's election, Sullivan (the same man who was exposed as a multiple partner barebacker while admonishing gay men on promiscuity) has the blood on his hands of any kid who completed suicide in the wake of the 2004 election.

"I'm gay, now love me…" It's the same crap Brock and Mehlman. Insteaf of making 250,000 a year off of their work, they should be handing 1/2 of it off to LGBT organizations.

Sullivan is dysfunctional. One day saying he hates Obama, the next saying he hates Palin. He's a blight on our history, not someone to be proud of.

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