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Post image for Fox’s Ablow: Obama Conducting ‘Black Ops’ ‘Psychological Warfare’ On Conservatives

Fox’s Ablow: Obama Conducting ‘Black Ops’ ‘Psychological Warfare’ On Conservatives

by David Badash on June 4, 2013

in News,Politics

Fox News “Medical A-Team” member, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow says he believes President Barack Obama is “conducting psychological warfare on conservative Americans,” including “black ops targeting,” and “is engaged in a coordinated attempt to dispirit, disarm and disenfranchise large portions of the American population and to weaken our founding principles through what is best understood as psychological warfare.”

“Not only that but it is also waging this war on all Americans who previously viewed themselves, their country, their Constitution and their overwhelming belief in God as a force for good in the world,” Ablow writes:

The psychological warfare began with an apology tour in which President Obama publicly “confessed,” presuming to speak for all of us, for the shortcomings of America and our supposed contributions to tyranny and all manner of evils around the world.

This confession planted in the American mind the notion that our values and beliefs might not be in line with freedom and truth.

It was reinforced by the first lady stating during the 2008 presidential campaign that she had never felt pride in our country.

(For the record Obama has never apologized for America. CNN: “Obama never uttered an apology for the United States.” Washington Post: “The claim that Obama repeatedly has apologized for the United States is not borne out by the facts, especially if his full quotes are viewed in context… The apology tour never happened.” For dozens more, just Google it.)

Ablow claims “deep inside the American psyche, something more malignant could have been planted—the seeds of self-hatred and self-doubt. And I no longer believe that those seeds were planted unintentionally by people as smart and capable as the president and first lady.”

Claiming President Obama “will have fundamentally changed the psyche of America,” Ablow writes Obama’s “psychological warfare…has included misrepresenting horrific crimes, such as the one which unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut, as evidence of the need for gun control measures, when they clearly evidenced a need for revamping our mental health care system.”

Gun rights are inextricably entwined in the American psyche with freedom to defend oneself. Attacking gun rights, I believe, is an element of the psychological warfare on the American belief that force is justifiable when confronting evil.

My belief that psychological warfare is being deployed on Americans by this American president and his administration has been solidified as news has come out of the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.

This black ops targeting doesn’t just have the effect of slowing the financial momentum of these groups. It has the goal of dispiriting them and making them feel helpless to achieve their goals.

Ablow continues:

Seen through the lens of psychological warfare, the failure to defend our embassy in Benghazi need not be understood simply as a screw-up. It could reflect an actual strategy on the part of the administration to reinforce the notion that homicidal violence born of hatred toward America is understandable—even condonable—because we have generated it ourselves and are reaping the harvest of ill will we have sown. In other words, we should take our punishment.

The president said as much when he blamed the murder of our Ambassador to Libya on a film that criticized Islam.

This misstatement may disclose not just incompetence and may not just be evidence of a cover-up, but may be evidence of exactly what I am theorizing here: that the president, with the help of his administration, is attempting to conduct psychological warfare on Americans who value autonomy and free will and free markets and small government, by convincing them that they are wrong-minded, prejudiced and pathological and should deeply question their beliefs—including some ensconced in the Constitution.

The wiretapping of journalists would be, then, just another black ops technique in an ongoing war against our freedoms.

In April, Dr. Keith Ablow said if same-sex marriage becomes legal, polygamy will be next. “Five men and a woman” marriage could happen.

Last year, Ablow said he was worried gay bullies would attack him for supporting the Regnerus anti-gay parenting “study” which falsely finds gays and lesbians make very bad parents.

Ablow has also claimed transgenderism is not a civil right, he has equated pedophilia with sexual orientation, and, perhaps most famously, Ablow has warned parents to not let their children watch Chaz Bono on “Dancing With The Stars” because watching Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars might make children transgender.

Last year, British MPs (members of Parliament) released a lengthy 125-page report that stated News Corp.’s Chairman, Rupert Murdoch — the man who owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, among many other companies (not to mention Fox Entertainment) here in the U.S. — “‘is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company.”


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SeanLiberty13 June 4, 2013 at 10:28 am

Sorry "Dr." Ablow, but ignorant bigoted fascists with failed educations like you have no credibility. Sane educated REAL Americans know that you are trash and so is Faux news.

ZoeBrain June 4, 2013 at 10:33 am

Acute paranoia.

Stalcom June 4, 2013 at 11:30 am

What's concerning is that he seems credible due to his being a medical doctor.

Alex_Parrish June 4, 2013 at 11:38 am

This man is clearly educated beyond his intelligence and shows marked signs of pathological paranoia. Why is the media even giving attention to someone who is so obviously mentally ill? This man needs psychological help, not media attention. We do not publicize and politicize folks who swear that inanimate objects speak to them or who wear tinfoil hats; why would the media do so for this poor pathetic soul. It is unkind to subject him to such attention.

fpcinnyc June 4, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Don't forget that Obama now controls the weather as well as our minds. He made the Oklahoma cyclones happen too.

Woodstock1947 June 5, 2013 at 7:04 am

His name was misspelled in the article.It should be "Ablowhard"

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