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Fischer: ‘We Need An Underground Railroad’ To Abduct Children From Gays

by David Badash on August 8, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,Marriage,News,Religion

Post image for Fischer: ‘We Need An Underground Railroad’ To Abduct Children From Gays

No, gay people are not going to steal your children — but Bryan Fischer believes it’s his duty to Christ to steal the children of gay people and same-sex couples and send them on an “Underground Railroad” to live their lives safely away from their legal gay parents. Fischer, the wildly caustic public face of the American Family Association, is the man who practically single-handedly got Mitt Romney‘s gay foreign policy spokesperson, Richard Grenell, fired after just a few days on the job — merely because he is gay. Fischer, who has stated he believes allowing same-sex couples to adopt is “child abuse,” actually is advocating for kidnapping and abduction of children.

In two tweets last night, Fischer — with zero condemnation from fellow Christians or so-called “pro-family” group leaders like his boss at the AFA, wrote:




Fischer pointed to two articles, one by a self-identified bisexual man who blames his self-identifed being “weird” and socially-uncomfortable to being raised by his bisexual mother and her female partner.

Zack Ford at Think Progress observed:

Perhaps unfamiliar with the concepts of self-fulfilling prophesies and internalized homophobia, this man’s odd testimony seems to attack gay parenting merely because he believes his bisexual mother’s decision to live with a woman made it a struggle for him to identify as bisexual himself. Unlike his mother, his preference seems to be to conform to heteronormative society, and he feels unable to do that because he feels he wasn’t properly conditioned by archaic gender stereotypes.

Fischer’s other tweet pointed to an article about a so-called “ex-gay” woman who literally stole her child and has reportedly broken the law and left the country, via what Fischer calls an “Underground Railroad.”

More from Ford:

Bryan Fischer believes it to be the perfect example of why the children of same-sex parents should be kidnapped away for their protection — that they are the equivalent of slaves who need to be rescued. This is incredibly dangerous rhetoric that has the potential to do great harm. How much destruction could self-declared “Harriet Tubmans” do to same-sex families, motivated by Fischer’s claims? More than ever, the “culture war” is a direct attack on the lives of LGBT and their families.


Bryan Fischer’s boss, Don Wildmon, is an original signatory to the Manhattan Declaration, a manifesto which directs those who sign it to break the law if the law interferes with their Christian beliefs.


Now, all obvious racist and slavery analogies aside — children of same-sex couples and gay people are slaves — this is deplorable.

Bryan Fischer is advocating the kidnapping of children in households headed by same-sex couples or gay parents merely because they are headed by same-sex couples or gay parents.

Scott Wooledge at Daily Kos adds:

These American theocrats, the Christian Taliban are always telling us God’s law is supreme over man’s, and here were have it again.

Some no doubt will brush this off a mere posturing. “Fischer’s just playing. It’s just Twitter,” others will think. You should know that Bryan Fischer is heard daily by up to one million people across 38 states listening to American Family Radio’s network of almost 200 radio stations.

Bryan Fischer’s boss, Don Wildmon, is an original signatory to the Manhattan Declaration, a manifesto written in late 2009 by National Organization For Marriage co-founder Robert P. George and the late Chuck Colson. The Manhattan Declaration, which now has well-over a half-million signatures, directs those who sign it to break the law if the law interferes with their Christian beliefs.

We are Christians who have joined together across historic lines of ecclesial differences to affirm our right—and, more importantly, to embrace our obligation—to speak and act in defense of these truths. We pledge to each other, and to our fellow believers, that no power on earth, be it cultural or political, will intimidate us into silence or acquiescence.

Through the centuries, Christianity has taught that civil disobedience is not only permitted, but sometimes required.

When a radical right-wing religious/political leader like Bryan Fischer says America needs an “Underground Railroad” to free the children of same-sex couples and gay people, you can bet there are some — insane, perhaps — who are working right now to create it.


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BearFlagCitizen August 8, 2012 at 2:51 pm

You hear that? I think I just heard a train coming with cattle cars.

Give it time, one of them will suggest it.

Singh_J_A August 8, 2012 at 2:58 pm

This is the kind of guy that makes me think about needing a group who can perform "pre-emptive strikes", i.e., kidnap him first, and help him to disappear. Drop him off in the middle of the jungles of Columbia, where the drug lords can find him and put him to work – for free! Why do nuts like this even get attention? But at least by having this kind of information printed, we know what to look out for. The bastard.

Inis_Magrath August 8, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Anti-gay speech is 1st Amendment protected… but…

Kidnapping is a violent felony crime. Inciting felony violence is NOT protected speech. This is hate speech and it is inciting criminal violence and should be prosecuted.

WordAndReason August 8, 2012 at 5:24 pm

Yet another self appointed interpreter of "God's word" slithers forth into the light. Yet another social supremacist theory that will be debated as if it has legitimacy. Disgraceful.

violetmoon73 August 8, 2012 at 8:17 pm

I am sick and tired of this bullshit with the government and various "religious" organizations trying to get into to my GAY bed! Get the hell out, I can do better! No one has the right to tell ME or ANYONE else how to live, especially when they themselves live in glass houses! Seriously, what did we "gays" ever do to you anyway? You don't see us disgustingly picketing the funerals of those who served our country, telling straight people they shouldn't have the same rights we do because their difference makes us uncomfortable, and you certainly don't see us behaving or speaking hatefully in the name of some god, we claim to know, because of sexuality differences. Just because you are a fucking holy roller doesn't give you the right to hate. The 10 commandments said NOTHING about hating or degrading ANYONE!!! SO GET OUT OF MY BED!!!

MichaelR3491 August 9, 2012 at 1:42 am

I'm not a legal expert but, isn't it a crime to incite others to commit crimes? Isn't there some way this form of speech can be silenced? This can't just be the free exercise of a Constitutional right. This man is encouraging others to kidnap children. Do we have to wait for a child to be abducted, harmed, or killed by these maniacs before legal action is taken?

tcjdw August 10, 2012 at 7:39 pm

How did you manage to get bugs into the Romney campaign to determine as fact that Grenell was fired?

jakrabt November 22, 2012 at 8:54 am

'… to return these kids to their biological parents'

Weren't many of these kids being adopted FROM their biological parents? Bryan Fischer is an unintelligent hate-monger with an unnatural aversion to gay people, men in particular.

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