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Fischer On Inauguration: Intolerant Homosexual Fascist Bullies At Big Gay Won This Round

by David Badash on January 10, 2013

in Hate Groups,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Fischer On Inauguration: Intolerant Homosexual Fascist Bullies At Big Gay Won This Round

Bryan Fischer warned the world yesterday — as soon as Reverend Louie Giglio‘s vicious anti-gay sermon surfaced — that “Big Gay” would have a few things to say about the Obama inauguration committee’s selection to deliver the benediction.



Fortunately, the man who said gay people will go to hell, Louie Giglio, “self-deported” out of the inaugural committee’s invitation and will not deliver the benediction. He was concerned his past — and current remarks — about gay people would get in the way of the auspicious day’s events. He was correct.

But Bryan Fischer, true to his word as well, has come out fighting, inadvertently exposing why he has helped propel his employer, the American Family Association, to certified anti-gay hate group status.

Noting in an update to his column today, “Bully Bigots at Big Gay declare war on Obama inauguration pastor,” Fischer notes that “the bullies at Big Gay won this round,” and, “Giglio has been forced to withdraw from the inauguration over the furor created by the intolerant fascists in the homosexual movement. Bigotry wins, while tolerance, diversity, truth, religious liberty and freedom of speech lose.” [Bolding ours]

Ah, Christianity, how lovely. Perhaps Fischer should go looking for it?

“Gay activists are going after Pastor Giglio hammer and tong,” Fischer writes, before Giglio decided to remove himself.

Of Giglio’s predilection toward promoting “ex-gay therapy,” labeled as harmful and destructive by almost every major medical organization, Fischer calls Giglio’s stance “pro-gay, for it offers homosexuals hope and a way out of a destructive and dead-end lifestyle.”

And by “destructive and dead-end,” no doubt Fischer is referring to the one million LGBT parents currently raising two million children in America, right?

Fischer has a problem with truth. Is it tolerance to accept hate and lies that fuel suicide deaths of kids and teens? Is it diversity to include in the national conversation hate and lies? If America were debating another NASA program to go to the moon, would those who say it’s made of swiss cheese deserve a legitimate hearing?

This call for his purge, you will note, is coming from folks who consider themselves the very paragons of tolerance and diversity. Yet they have no tolerance for someone who disagrees with their view of homosexual behavior. We have reached the point in American culture where the truth about homosexuality is regarded as hate speech, and where speaking the truth about homosexuality is regarded as a hate crime.

In fact, the homosexual lobby does not believe in diversity at all. If they did, they would be celebrating Giglio’s role in the inauguration, as a display of the wonders of the American cultural tradition of allowing people to hold a variety of positions on controversial issues.

Instead, we find a fascistic mono-versity, where everyone must think, speak, and believe alike or they will be ostracized, marginalized and silenced.

No one is silencing Louie Giglio. But spreading, yes, hate speech, about gay people is not going to get you invited to a presidential inauguration any more.

That’s not bullying. That’s not fascism. That’s not “mono-versity.” That’s not marginalization. That’s called respect for all people, something Fischer’s brand of Christianity is abhorrent to include.

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Robroberts2013 January 10, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Hey Bryan: Don't fuck with Big Gay.

Bose_in_SP_MN January 10, 2013 at 3:29 pm

The interesting angle, to me, is that Giglio's career has been focused on campus ministries and reaching young adults for his conferences. He's been consistently anti-sex outside of hetero marriage, but he seems to have figured out that it's not workable to bring only young adult virgins into his flock. It's also not helpful to require these folks who are energized to fight poverty and human trafficking to also be on board with anti-gay political campaigns.

sam3915 January 10, 2013 at 9:41 pm

Holocaust-promoting, Hitler-clone Bryan Fischer of the grossly misnamed "American Family Association" calls homos the real Nazis. Funny how today's Nazis accuse their designated scapegoats (i.e. LGBTs) of being Nazis whenever they fight back.

James_M_Martin January 10, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Any resemblance to "Christianity" is purely coincidental. When a religion degenerates to the point that this has, the signs are ripe for its being transcended — hopefully by reason. Gibbon said that Christianity destroyed ancient Rome. But polytheism is not the answer. Science is. A microscopic bug is going around killing people. The Church and its Priesthood used to b.s. everyone that "God," not an influenza virus, was killing people, and that "god" punished the good because "He works in strange ways," and punished the bad because "the disobeyed Him, like Adam." But these geeks at the American Family Association make no bones about it: they are at such an opposite extreme as to bear no semblance of being Christian in the way I was brought up: love everyone, gay or straight.

labman57 January 10, 2013 at 10:57 pm

Translation: "How dare you be intolerant of our homophobic intolerance!"

whatsmyparty January 12, 2013 at 8:22 am

My, my. Mr. Fisher doesn't seem to remember Rich Grenell. The "homosexual" spokesperson for Mittens who was "forced out" of service by the "bully bigots" of "Big Tea" (led by Bry-Bry himself).

I didn't shed any tears for Stockholm-suffering Grenell, but isn't this kind of like the exact same thing the other way around?

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