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Fischer: Allowing Same-Sex Couples To Adopt Is ‘Child Abuse’

by David Badash on June 13, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for Fischer: Allowing Same-Sex Couples To Adopt Is ‘Child Abuse’

Bryan Fischer, the public face of the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, today on his radio program said that allowing am-sex couples to adopt children is “a form of child abuse.” Fischer also claimed that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because of their “pathology.” Fischer wrongly claims that homosexuals don’t know how to sustain lasting relationships.


Here’s the transcript:

“Companionship is just not one of the purposes that homosexuals can fulfill in marriage, they don’t know anything about the staining a lasting relationship, they can’t do it. There’s so much pathology associated with homosexual behavior that they’re not able to pull that off. The sex that’s involved in homosexual behavior, it’s unnatural, it is immoral, and it is unhealthy. We don’t need to belabor that but we know the health risks involved in homosexual behavior. We know that it puts the human body to uses for which it was not designed.

“Whether you believe in evolution or you believe in creation we can all say, ‘look the human body was not designed to be used that way it just wasn’t. I would suggest to you that people who believe in evolution ought to be more opposed to the normalization of homosexuality that evangelicals because evolution is supposed to be all about propagation of the species. Can’t happen when two members of the same sex come together, it’s impossible to procreate to conceive children.

“Bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, to put kids in this environment it’s a form of sexual abuse all its own. To adopt kids into a same-sex environment is a form of child abuse.”

In the past, Fischer has said gays are Nazis, suggested that millions of Americans contracted HIV/AIDS because of the existence on Congressman Barney Frank, gays are not born gay, the Tea Party ended slavery in America, gays are a threat to national security, public health, and that traditional marriage is necessary for US survival.

Fischer has also claimed the same hate, vitriol, and anti-Christ spirit is at work in Islam and in the “homosexual agenda,” that Chaz Bono, “is a surgically-mutilated female,” and has said, “Let’s have a state law that provides some kind of fine for anyone who has unprotected homosexual sex.”

He’s called for the re-criminalization of homosexuality in every state, said homosexuality “is a death sentence, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s a death style,” and claimed California is going to have a hard time fulfilling SB 48 because “by definition,” gays cannot be role models.

Fischer tweeted that the Norway terrorist would have made a good Muslim but a bad Christian, said, “Hitler hiomself was a homosexual,” and “we cannot have the homosexual agenda and liberty. Those two things are incompatible.”

Bryan Fischer claimed criticism of and Marcus and Michele Bachmann over the practice of “ex-gay therapy” is both religious bigotry and a hate crime, he’s said, “homosexual bigots commit hate crimes,” and “Christophobic gay activists” want to “continue a campaign of threats, harassment….”


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Hat tip: Right Wing Watch

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