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Family Research Council: “What Comes To Mind When You Think Of Us?” TELL THEM!

by David Badash on November 8, 2010

in Bigotry Watch

Post image for Family Research Council: “What Comes To Mind When You Think Of Us?” TELL THEM!

I’m not kidding. Via a tweet by Pam Spaulding and Evan Hurst, I found the Family Research Council’s latest web survey which, once you get to the end, looks like they’re going to expand the areas they’re infecting, like womens’ rights and abortion. Now, they want YOUR thoughts to questions like, “Off the top of your head, what comes to mind when you think of the Family Research Council?

You may remember some of the pieces I’ve written on the Family Research Council:

They’ve called to “Outlaw Gay Behavior

They’ve protested “Amtrak’s Gay Ad Campaign

George Alan Rekers, the “ex-gay” Family Research Council Co-Founder, who happens to be a Baptist Minister, took to Europe a gay male prostitute he met on the Internet site”

They’ve said, “Homosexuality Is “Abnormal,” Drives Gay Teens To Suicide

Tell them what you think. I did. Here are a few shots of my answers. Feel free to use ‘em or come up with your own!

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Tom November 9, 2010 at 8:55 pm

I sent them my comments:

Just off the top of my head? Dead children. ”FRC” makes me think of the bald-faced lies and fear propaganda spurred by pure, undiluted hatred and greed for wealth and power. False teachings, superstition, heresy, hypocrisy, hubrs and hatred of humanity.
I think of all th children and adults, all the families, who have to endure heart-wrenching pain and mental anguish caused by YOU and your christianist accomplices, the self-righteous, criminal perpetrators of poisonous doctrines.
I think of the brain-wahing and indoctrination of children by you people, the mental and physical rape of children done by the Church. I think of the families you have ripped apart.
Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one positive thing about “Family” “Research” Council. Thank you for asking.

And, to the question of "what do you think FRC does":

The “Family” “Research” Council pushes fear propaganda and lies for profits and political gains.
The ”Family” “Research” Council also hides and scrubs the activities of some of it’s [former] members, for instance, “Dr.” George Rekers, of whom the FRC stated they had difficulty recalling someone by that name being with the organization.

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