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Eric Cantor Refuses To Meet With Immigrant Kids, Office Has Cops Threaten To Arrest Them

by David Badash on December 6, 2013

in Civil Rights,Immigration,News,Politics

Post image for Eric Cantor Refuses To Meet With Immigrant Kids, Office Has Cops Threaten To Arrest Them

Just one day after Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor blew off a nine-year old girl who approached him in the hallways of the House by saying, “I can’t help you,” he refused to meet with over a dozen immigrant children who came to his office. It took just a few minutes for his staff to call the cops on the kids, who were singing for immigration reform.

“We want reform, we want it now. We are titanium. Keep our families together. We want reform right now,” the children sang. (Katy Perry would have been proud.)

The children, some of whom appeared to be as young as four or five, are part of groups identified as the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and Keeping Families Together. They wore tee shirts that read, “Keep our families together.”

“We have to ask you to leave. If you don’t want to leave… if you want to stay in, you’re subject to arrest,” the police officer told the children. He repeatedly said, “you’ll be subject to arrest,” although, to his credit, he was cordial and respectful.

Later, after true children began singing again, the officer grew frustrated and told them, “everyone that stays in this room may be arrested.”

FIRM states that many of the children are U.S. citizens but some of their parents are undocumented and may be fighting deportation, which could tear their families apart.

“Staffers in Rep. Buck McKeon’s (R-CA) office also called police,” the group notes.




Hat tip: The Raw Story

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James_M_Martin December 6, 2013 at 11:53 pm

Wait a minute. The last time I looked, Mr. Cantor was Jewish. Just a few generations ago, many — perhaps the majority of Americans — hated Jews. The problem was so bad in the 1940s Hollywood (which was practically founded by Jewish emigres from Russia) made a movie about it, based on a novel by Laura Hobson, "Gentleman's Agreement." Another picture, "Crossfire," dealt with anti-Semitism in the military. By the time Joe McCarthy hired Roy Cohn (satirized in "Angels in America") to be lead counsel for his Communist-hunter subcommittee, mistrust of Jews (Kark Marx was one, you know) was so great that Cohn, a Jew and a homosexual, feigned hatred of both so that the panel would not be compromised. Fraternities on college campuses disgracefully refused admission to Jews, forcing them to found their own fraternity. And Mr. Cantor will not meet with these ethnic groups to discuss immigration? Shame on him! Shame! Shame! He is not fit to wash their feet.

cipher December 7, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Agree completely. As a Jew, I'm disgusted that Cantor even exists.

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