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Disgusting: Tea Party’s Twitter Reaction To Prop 8 Decision

by David Badash on August 4, 2010

in Bigotry Watch

Post image for Disgusting: Tea Party’s Twitter Reaction To Prop 8 Decision

Like many of you, I use Twitter. A lot. All day, pretty much. And if you’re like me, no doubt you’ve heard of “TCOT” — “Top Conservatives On Twitter.” A group of self-proclaimed “patriots” (as if!) who spend their days calling the left “libtards” and other words I won’t repeat here.

Here are a few responses they’ve had to today’s news striking down California’s Prop 8.

Welcome to the “real America?” Well, Sarah Palin’s America.

@Heritage (The Heritage Foundation) “Extreme judicial activism on #marriage. That sums up today’s #Prop8 ruling. #tcot″

@SaveOurLiberty “So next they’ll say inter-species marriage or incest are OK all in the name of so called equality? Where’s the line? #tcot”

@Afterseven “Of course the Judge being Gay played no part in his activist decision Can You Say “Recusal” #tcot”

@exposeliberals “Judge who ruled against CA”s Prop 8 openly gay. Conflict of interest? #tcot #Tlot #sgp #hhrs #Ocra”

@BlueCollarTodd “Prop 8 Fight Goes On;Christians Be Warned.. #tcot #hhrs #christian #tlot #sgp #bible #lgtb #prop8″

@pvoce “We must be talking about two different Constitutions #tcot #prop8 #tradionalmarriage”

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Patricia August 5, 2010 at 2:10 am

I think the tea party is in a state of panic because they finally get it that history is not on their side. No matter what minority is oppressed, inevitably the laws are changed as they were with civil rights. The haters who continue to bring up incest and bestiality say more about their own mental state than they do about gay issues. If they are that filled with hatred for a group of people, eventually they will find themselves marginalized for the bigots they are as the civil rights of gay people progress and become widely accepted. I'm a Christian and I am delighted my brothers and sisters will have the same civil rights I enjoy. Personally, I hope the haters all drown in their own venom.

kwigbo August 5, 2010 at 3:22 pm

I personally don't agree with gay marriage. I also don't agree that anyone should force their morals on another person. A law against gay marriage is like the seat belt law to me. How is me not wearing a seat belt going to hurt someone else. He who is without sin cast the first stone.

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