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Post image for Democratic US Senator Mark Pryor: ‘I’m Opposed To Gay Marriage’

Democratic US Senator Mark Pryor: ‘I’m Opposed To Gay Marriage’

by David Badash on April 9, 2013

in Marriage,News,Politics

U.S. Democratic Senator Mark Pryor say he is “opposed to gay marriage,” and always has been. Pryor, who gave an interview last week, clarified his comments to note that he is “unsure” whether same-sex couples should be entitled to federal benefits, but he is not undecided on same-sex marriage.

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“I am opposed to gay marriage,” he said in an e-mail to 5NEWS:

“In the interview with KFSM done on April 5, I also discussed whether gay couples should receive benefits if they work for the federal government. On the benefits issue, I said to ‘put me down in the undecided category.’ By that I meant that, depending on what the U.S. Supreme Court decides, I will evaluate whether federal benefits should be available to gay couples. Of course, I will consider the impact any extension of benefits would have on the federal budget.”

In an interview at 5NEWS in Fayetteville on Friday (April 5), the senator said he has spoken about the issue with gay friends, who told him their sexual preference is not a choice.

On benefits for same-sex couples, Pryor said, “This is one that is an evolving issue in Washington. I haven’t really analyzed this in terms of benefits and what that does for the federal budget, (the) federal impact of this, and I’m sure as the gay marriage decision goes through the U.S. Supreme Court and all the ramifications for that over the next few months, we’ll spend some time on this.

“I would put me down in the undecided category,” he said. “I did talk with some friends of mine in the gay and lesbian community over the last week or so. We talked about this issue. We also talked about a question I received in the office not too long ago where they asked whether being gay was a choice or whether you were born that way. I told them, I said, ‘Honestly I’ve never really thought a lot about that.’ Maybe a lot of people think about that. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about that. But one of the things I hear from them is they feel very strongly that it’s not a choice for them, and I respect that. I’m not going to dispute that. I appreciate that, and I appreciate their honesty. For a lot of these people they just really opened their heart to me and talked about some of the struggles they’ve had over the years with their sexual orientation. I respect that and appreciate their patience, and I appreciate their honesty.”

Senator Pryor, who serves the very conservative state of Arkansas, is seeking re-election next year.

Recently, many Democratic Senators, and even two Republicans, have voiced support for same-sex marriage.

The only Democratic Senator who has not weighed in at this point is Joe Manchin of West Virginia.


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MTinSJ April 9, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Trust me, Senator… you have no "friends in the gay and lesbian community."

Brian Stroup April 9, 2013 at 3:29 pm

And right here is precisely why I don't support the Democratic party. They will still give money and resources to this jerk while showing their other faces at an HRC photo-op and asking us for money. But I think the senator misses his own point when he says "I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about" whether sexual orientation is a choice. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO. Gay people don't sit around pondering how straight people became straight. YOU JUST ACCEPT IT AS IT IS.

blowtorchofreason April 9, 2013 at 4:07 pm

He is just like his daddy. They both will legislate how they want, yet when it is time for election/re-election they will say what he thinks the voters want to hear.

sdfrenchie April 9, 2013 at 5:16 pm

I'm opposed to Senators who are opposed to marriage equality and equal benefits. Do we not contribute to his enormous paycheck? Gay friends my ass. What a two-faced prick. Why doesn't he flip over to that other party where he'll feel more at home? He hasn't spent enough time thinking about anything but how much he's going to still be earning when he retires. Does anyone in Congress do any work that they have so much time to think about the gay marriage "problem"? What a bunch of buffoons! I don't want to be an American anymore. Our government stinks.

Coxhere April 10, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Let's see now. Nope. No marriage equality for Gay Americans. Maybe something lower. You know. Like separate and equal. They deserve the same that the African-Americans used to get. I cannot, by law, say the N word even though it is still as much a part of the history of the Confederacy as is the stars and bars flag. Oh yes. And then there's benefits for these lower down, separate and equal Gay relationships. I'm not sure that the federal budget can afford to include those abomina. . . . er, I mean lower down and lower equals. It doesn't matter that the lower downs have paid taxes for the past 200+ years and have never been recognized for having done so. But, again, I'm just not convinced that the lower down, separate and equals should get anything for all their tax paying. After all, some of the evilgelical, homophobes believe that giving the abominables (the evilgelicals' word, certainly not mine! I'm up for re-election) anything is special rights. And, of course, evilgelical fundamentalisticals should be trusted because they can never tell a lie. Remember me now when y'all Arkies go vote in a little over a year from now. I've been representing you real good. Just the way you'd represent your all selves if you were in Washington and not me (but thank gawd I'm the one who's here!).

motomo31 April 10, 2013 at 2:57 pm

You are a DICK!!!!!!!!

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